Forum Advisory Panel

Parkinson’s UK is seeking the input of people affected Parkinson’s in the moderation of our forum. We are putting together an advisory panel which would include forum users and members of staff and we’d like to invite you to take part.

Find out more about the panel and how to get involved at:
On the face of it seems a good idea, but i've made no secret of that IMHO the forum software could itself do with being more funtional and user friendly :smile:
QUESTION : What is meant by external moderators....

Quote " The forum is moderated by a team of staff members and external moderators." Unquote
Many thanks for your response.

Updating the forum software would have major resource implications and is not something we're considering at this time. However, it is helpful to be aware of member concerns and it might be an area we can return to in future.

As well as a team of Parkinson's UK staff, the forum is supported by a team of experienced moderators who we work with to ensure that 24-hour moderation cover is provided. This is what is meant by 'external moderators'.

Thank you Alex for the reply.
Im still perplexed as to why its considered not possible to upgrade the forum functions. There are many free forums available on the net offering excelant security and user friendly funtions, so clearly cost is not the problem with PUK.
So it must be policy ?
Me again Alex :grin:
So am i correct in saying that we have external moderators who (a) are not part of PUK and (b) Are not personaly PWP ?
Hi all.

I presume the forum software is a pre-written and fully tested package acquired by PUK from a software house - probably in the USA, judging by the words it rejects as unacceptable. If everyone uses the same package costs and maintenance are minimised. However if every user wanted their own version, tailor made to their own very specific requirements, the costs would soar. Not a good use of PUK funds I suggest.

As an example, you can get a 2-user copy of MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc) for around £50 nowadays. But just imagine the cost of creating a different version for every user. Believe me (after 40 years in IT) it would cost tens of thousands of pounds EACH user. Probably more.

If people need to chat in real-time or privacy there are plenty of other PD forums offering this at the click of a button.


Any chance (for example) of adding some more emoticons to the existing software Alex ?

It would after all be free and give more choice.

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hi Kyloe, i can answer your question!

None of the forum moderators, whether they be internal or external have parkinson's disease. Furthermore currently no one employed by Parkinson's UK suffers from PD. The only PWP involved with the Charity are a few of the Trustees. Although as Trustees their involvement is one of overall Governance and not the day to day stuff!

Hi Stephen, Thanks [thumbs up]
Hi all, it is an interesting concept that a charity like PUK doesn't actually employ anybody with the very condition they are seeking finance and research for. Am I right in thinking that PUK would also support employers to employ pwp?
It just doesn't sit right with me,when I was working as a social worker, we were openly encouraged to have at least one disabled social worker on our teams.

The charity (according to the commission) only has 255 employees, given that 1 in 300 people are PWP an most of them are over retirement age then you woulnt expect any Employee WP.
I dont think they should employ a token PWP. Running a charity is a business and the best perspon needs to be employed for each job. It may well be that nobody with parkisons has applied for a job - perhaps one needs to be dragged in off the street?

I know that one of us forum members, who is a PD sufferer, was considering applying for the recent post of Finance Director with PUK. This person eventually decided not to apply for personal reasons, but did check out with CE Steve Ford that he (SF) was happy to receive applications from PWP. His positive reply was:

Yes I have no objection to you applying for the post. We welcome applications from people living with Parkinson’s.

I'm sure PUK is not biased against potential employees with PD, it's just a case of PWP actually applying, and being suitable.

Hello all,
This is a just a reminder that applications for the forum advisory panel are due by 18 May 2011.

We're aware that many of you here have opinions about how the forum is run. We're committed to have more people affected by Parkinson's to help guide the forum and like you we're concerned that there be more of this. Here is your chance!

You can find out more at:

You can also request an application form at [email protected] or by pressing, "contact moderator" on the left.

I have just spotted this. It doesn't sit right with me either. In the past I have been involved with organisations who have only employed fit people with no concept at all of the illness or condition involved with disastrous results.

On the whole I would say that does a very good job and provides a lot of help and support for it's members. However on the subject of cyber bullying, it leaves a lot to be desired.
Thank you for your post, Jenniferchristine.

Indeed, the aim of the panel is to look at some issues raised on the forum together with users. However, to get the input of people affected by Parkinson's, we need you to come forward and take part. We hope that forum members with concerns will take steps to address them by volunteering for the panel.

Remember: May 18 is the deadline and you can find more information here
There are just a few days left to apply for the Forum Advisory Committee.

Again, we would really love to have your input and to hear your thoughts on how we can make the forum better for users.

We'll consider applications after 18 May 2011 so be sure to get yours in before then!

Hello all,

Please note that there are only two days left to apply for the Forum Advisory Panel. Do let us know if you would like an application and we can send one right out!

As always, if you have any questions, contact us at forum[at]

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