Forum fun's gone!

Since they made these changes, I have nothing but errors, I have written 4 posts,previewed them and then posted them ,but i find my self logged out and the posts lost.
so I AM finished with this site, I wish you all the best.
Angel 4u I hope you win the lotto this SAT 12m , see you on D O N D.

Sorry to hear about your gremlins. I haven't had any problems at all and I've probably logged in half a dozen times since the change and made a couple of posts.
If that happens after you press to post your entry maybe you have not logged in first in which case the login presents itself before you can post. Either fill in the login and then it will automatically return to your message, or do a show previous page and save your message before trying again.

I think it's sad you find this a reason to leave. There must be other issues....anyway good luck
Dear Mosssy I'm so sad today :cry: You take care,I hope to see you back :smile:ANGEL4UX
funs gone a t mo ,but wot we gonna do about it then instead of sittin on our butts moanin about it ,it time to pull finger out and do somethin about it ,so people get a postin agin and get this forum back on the role agin ,ineed a laugh :smile::smile:
Hi Mossy, don't lose heart. Have you tried writing your replies on word and then copy and paste onto here? That way you don't lose what you've written.

hi ali j
you say you need a laugh go into creative corner iv'e been posting jokes on there since mid march hope you find something to re-ignite your funny bone keep smiling :laughing:ian s
will do ian :laughing: