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Hello everyone!

I’ve noticed that we’ve been getting quite a few questions regarding the icons on the forum threads; so I’ve decided to create this thread to answer these questions which will hopefully have many of you using the forum more confidently going forward. :grinning:

Please see the icons below and along with an explanation of what each of them do, starting from the first icon on the left hand side and onward.

icons 2

  1. The love heart - This icon is pretty self explanatory. This icon allows to ‘like’ a comment on a thread.

  2. Hyper Link - This icon allows you to include a url link in your comment on any thread that you are engaging in. For example, if I wanted to add a hyper link to the Parkinson’s UK website, I would highlight the text that I wanted to link, I would then click on the icon and then copy and paste the hyper link from my browser in the section where it states “hyperlink”. Following these steps, I would then select “ok” and the the hyper link appear in your comment.

  3. Flag - This icon allows you to privately flag a post for the attention of the forum admin. Once you click on the flag, you will see a range of options which allows you to select the reason for your flagging request.

  4. Bookmark - We’ve had quite a few queries about this icon. The bookmark is a useful tool which enables you to keep abreast of threads that you have a particular interest in. Once you’ve bookmarked a thread(s); you can keep up to date with all the comments on that particular thread by clicking on the same symbol underneath your profile picture at the top right hand corner of your screen. Bookmarks

In addition to the icons above, you also have the icons in the pop up box when you create a thread or when you are commenting on one. Please see the icons below along with their meanings.

icons 3

  1. Speech bubble- This allows you to quote the whole post within your comment.

  2. Capital ‘B’ - The B (as I’m sure you’re all aware) allows you to bold your text.

  3. Italic I - the I stands for italics which enables you to draw emphasis on a particular section of your text.

  4. Hyper Link - Please see the explanation above

  5. Preformatted text - The HTML pre tag is used for indicating preformatted text. If you click on this icon, it will give the appearance of text that is in computer code like this.

  6. Upload - This icon allows you to upload images from your device or from the internet. Once you select your file and click “upload”, your image will appear in your thread/comment.

  7. Bulleted List - This enables you to make a list of bullet points

  8. Numbered List - This allows you to make a numbered list.

  9. Emoji - We have a wide selection of emoji’s which can be used to express your emotions in your comment. :blush:

  10. Options - This icon gives you a range of options, including the option to add a poll, blur spoilers to a particular thread, hide details on a thread so that it provides a basic summary without upon viewing it for the first time.

I hope you find the above information useful, however, if you have any questions about any of the icons mentioned, please feel free to @Reah in your comments on the forum or email us at

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Thank you Reah,
However…how was anyone supposed to know this?
I couldn’t work any of it out.
Would it help to write the word under each icon?
I know now about the ‘jump to’ thing…but how on earth were we meant to know without another poster telling us?
Not sure the forum designer had mainly elderly, disabled users in mind…seems likely it was aimed at young, savvy, techies!


Nice one Reah :man_student:


Thank you Reah,
I appreciate you taking the time to explain. Im not tech savvy but have just pushed buttons to find out what’s what. You do great work!


Hi goldengirl,

I appreciate that the forum may not be as intuitive as you’d like, however, I’m hoping that this post will be the first step to making things a little more simpler for you. You may not be aware of this but we have a friendly robot feature on the forum that takes you on a quick tutorial of how to use the forum. If you private message discobot and ‘@’ discobot display help - you will be taken through a range of quick steps to help you navigate your way around the forum.

I hope you find this useful.

Best wishes,