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Hi I ma Gloriana and this is my first visit to the forum, my boys will not let me on facebook as they say you do not have your mam as your friend. I have young onset Parkinsons and was diagnosed in Feb 2008. Went to Stafford, found it very informative and have now plucked up courage to join forum.

hi gloria hope spelt that write lol nice to meet you im don everyone is sound here i agree with the boys im not on face book either

sorry gloriana

Hello Gloriana a warm welcome to the forum. You made me laugh about the Face Book story, I think it might be your boys don't want you knowing what they are up to. My sister has the same problem with her lad.

I am certain other members here who were at Stratford will come on to welcome you as well.

Keep smiling
Radz x

hi welcome to the puk forum,im ali ,been dx for 11 yeas,im 42 years old.i also went to stratford confernince,enjoyed it very much:smile:

Hi Gloriana,

I too went to Stratford (lady in red dress at gala dinner) been dx 10 months now. Welcome to the forum :)I am on FB set up by my youngest daughter who accepted me as a friend then deleted me :laughing:back as friends now! lol


Hi Gloriana,
Welcome to the community!

I hope you found useful information about using the forum in the welcome message we sent. If you have any other questions, you can always contact the team at forum (at)

I know it's probably not as exciting as joining your boys on Facebook but we've got a community there as well and we'd love to have you.


Hello and welcome to the forum Gloriana, I hope that you enjoy the experience. I know that you will gain a lot from the people as they are very supportive and in general any question that you might have will usually be answered. Between us I'm fairly sure that we must have covered almost everything about PD.

I'm Glenchass and I've been dx for 11 years now, I live in Merseyside. I too understand why your boys wouldn't want you cramping their style on Facebook, Ive been there and wore the T shirt myself!!

I look forward to seeing your postings soon.


Good that you joined the Forum, you will soon get into the way of it. My daughter has banned me from her facebook page. I have suggested she has a look on here .
Hope nothing on the site upsets her, but as she is older the information might be useful for her. I'm 62. I found the initial shock of diagnosis very hard to take, but now take one day at a time and life has been OK. Have achieved lots of positive things since diagnosis and intend to go on having lots of happy times. All good wishes.

Hi Gloriana welcome to the forum
I dont do facebook my kids 26 and 11 wouldnt want me to :fearful:
Ive explained to them I dont need facebook as I have a social life
and lovely people on the forum I can talk to
All the best Adrian age 48 dx 2010:grin:

Hi Gloriana welcome to the forum I am sure you will get lots of help and support :grin:

hi Gloriana

I am on Facebook, and I am friends with all four of my children. Why shouldn't you go on Facebook if you want to. it is not just for the young. And it enables me to keep an eye on what my youngest is up to. He is 18, and hardly ever home but I still know where he is and that he's okay.

All my friends are on Facebook so we often have chats.

Hope you enjoy the forum.


Hi Gloriana,
Welcome to the forum, I left facebook because I felt I was intruding my kids think I am nosy :laughing: they also got me a pair of slippers with mr grumpy on them.:frowning:

X Oldboy 73 years young.

Hi Gloriana i can`t believe your boys banned you from face book. My 23 year old daughter introduced me to it. Now both my children have left home its a good way of keeping in touch with them(and being nosey!).

Anyway your very welcome here and the forum is much better than face book!

Hope you keep writing?

Big C :laughing:

Thank you all for the warm welcome and welcome to any newcomers after me and welcome to all those before me, sdounds like a speech. Well will go now before I bore you!!!!