Found you!

Oh how I've needed this forum - so relieved to find this. I feel already that a weight is off my shoulders, even though I've not connected with anyone yet. There are so many facets to getting to grips with the changes and grieving as you live with your beloved who has PD. Friends just do not understand, and only see the 'outdoors' things. Indoors at home is different. Whatever the problem, here on the Forum there will be someone out there who has been there before me and understands. Got loads to ask / share and will probably be a pain over the next few days, getting it all off my chest - but for now, 'Hi' and so good to meet you. Maybe now & then, my 2 years coping so far might support others who are just reeling from the new shock of diagnosis.
Prob should have put that on the carer's forum - but hello to all anyway! We're all in this together....
Welcome - I am sure you will find some answers on this wonderful website. It has saved my sanity in the 6 months I have been diagnosed. The topics are varied and always interesting. Let go of everything - you are among friends.
Thank you Fizzy. I am just finding the adjustments and changes hard sometimes its Okay, sometimes it seems so awful - its not the life script my other half and I had planned. I think I'll have a good read around the forum over the next couple of days and might pick up some tips. Keep telling myself to deal with just one day at a time.
Hi Dinky,
A warm welcome to our bijou forum. We have all the stuff you would expect in a forum like this and *just* a little bit extra. There are loads of inmates with experience of everything important to people affected by parkinson's.
Make yourself at home and I'm sure you will find the same support and help that I have experienced in the last couple of years.

Elegant Fowl
Hi Dinky,
Welcome to the forum. I have found it to be a god send. I was diagnosed last Oct and the forum has been a great help to me. The topics discussed give a greater insight into the condition and have helped me immensely. I can honestly say I don't feel alone anymore because on this forum you know people understand.
Thank you - I really appreciate the warm welcome. It feels like 'coming home'. I think I'll read around the posts tonight and get a feel of what is going on. Dinky x
Hi Dinky,
I wish you all the best
Really!! I do
hiya welcome to the forum,im ali been dx 12 years im 43 years old,there plenty of community members her,and the surport from the helpline team also,so fire away with any questions you may have,i no i had loads at first,and still do in a way as resurch is progressing,so hope to here from more of you,take care:smile:
Thanks so much - feel better already, just knowing you are OH not too bad, and friend rang to see if I was Okay, so feels better for me too today. :sunglasses: Dinky