I have been doing some research into a PoNS device.

Scientific Theory: Amplifying the Brain’s Ability to Heal Itself.

Here is the URL:

It is believed that neuromodulation enhances neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to restructure or relearn in response to new experiences, sensory input, and functional demands. Research has shown that the process of neuroplasticity underlies all cerebral learning, training and rehabilitation

It is in it's 3rd stage of clinical trials and looks to be most promising both for PD and MS.

Unfortunately, as it usual, we in the UK are kept in the dark about new developments but we soldier on regardless and do out own research.  As this has been known about for some years now I have yet to come across it on the forum.

Thank you for your information on making a PoNS device.  Have you had any response from anyone in the UK?