France - Helplines or Support Groups?


I'm looking to find advice and support within France. I am not yet diagnosed but would like to find people to talk to so I can ask how things usually progress in this country from a medical perspective.

A bit short I know...



Hi Valeriev, welcome to the forum. There have been a couple of other forum threads in the past about Parkinson's support in France, so you may find some useful contacts and information on the links I've added below. 

I hope this helps.


Thanks Sharon,

I haven't tried the Parkinson's Association in France to see if they have any English speakers yet and I tried their map but there is nothing for my region (although something in the next) It does seem that there are a few Parkinson's patients floating around in isolation in France - very difficult if you don't speak the language fluently to have a mutual 'moan.'

I will keep up the hunt and let you know if I find anything.