eye rollmy  name is FREDEXTER, or Fred, or even FED, you see my little Tpolap has been playing up all weekend  NOT  allowing me to access my accounts, I have has to chang about 11 seperate accounts and only be re registering under a alias have I BEEN ALLOWED BACK, i JUST THOUGHT i WOULD EXPLAIN.

                                             rEGARDS FED OR FRED even

Hi Fedex, We wrote yesterday to ask if you were still having problems. Please don't start a new account. If you send us your telephone number at [email protected] and we'll give you a ring and reset your password for you. Ezinda Thanks

I did same as you Fed in my ignorance. Ezinda came round and slapped me. I think she took pity when I cried. It is apparently a peculiar fault with the site. Since I Morphed it has been OK.

Anyway nice to see you were also forgiven Fed, or Fred if you prefer.


One thing I have noticed is the site works better for me on Win 8.1 than on my old Win XP desktop. Possibly Win 8.1 attracts a better class of gremlin.

    Morning Morph, yes i was brought back into line, its a good job Ezinda is in the bosses seat or we would be scattered all over the Forum, take care .