Free car Tax for people with PD

It is now over a year ago that I found out that people with a long term disability can claim a FREE CAR TAX DISC (I know we don’t have car discs anymore but it was the only way to explain)
I looked all through Driving with a disability on the Gov.web site. could not find out anything about PD being a disability. So contacted my MP Lee Anderson he just kept quoting Gov web sites to me, then he said that he would bring the question uo at the transport meeting. Never heard anything after that, all I get are weekly Anderson news which keeps telling me what a good job he is doing?

" You can apply for exemption from paying vehicle tax if you get the:

Thank You Lemon
I have looked ino this with a fine tooth comb I think that when you get to 65 (know changed) and have PD then you cannot get free tax for your car. I want to thank you for getting back to me, If you can find out more let me know,
when you get to pension age these are 2 benefits that you cannot get all we claim is AA top rate and this does not count.

I now understand what you mean. That’s outrageous! Simple age discrimination, and unlawful.

Disabled people over the age of 65 are unable to obtain the gateway benefits and therefore the required paperwork to qualify for vehicle tax exemption.

Your right Lemon thanks for your reply.

If you claim and are paid DLA/PIP prior to retirement pension age then those benefits will continue to be paid as long as entitlement continues.

Many thanks for this information Douglas but in this case it does not apply to me.

Really good to know about this, unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to me yet either.

Thanks for the feed back Jose maybe all who have PD but don;t qualify for free car tax should make a statement outside the houses of Parliament.