Freezing and walking problems

Forgive me if this is old news but anyone tried this mobility aid .

 I read a lot of posts sharing concerns about overcoming freezing and wondered if this "gadget" worth investigating.  


I can see the benefit of this but the same can be achieved with chalk or masking tape or even a couple of walking sticks placed on the ground. Google, 'staircase illusion in Parkinsons' and see what can be achieved with virtual 3D steps on even ground.

If there was a trial period after purchase I may be tempted but at £400!! Also, does it work outdoors, as well as indoors, and on uneven surfaces?


I too  would love to know if anyone has tried this device and what does PUK think of it.

Just as an aside, I do wonder if the chap in the video actually has Parkinsons. He is far too full of smiles at the end of the video, no frozen face and such.

Aye I said I wouldn't post on. Thrs sort of stuff but can't help myself , all this gadgets it's money money  and I have waisted more time trying but the best things in life are. Free like tiled floors and slabs on pavements all have lines to follow but there is no lines on tar that's the downside some can start a jog  aw we are all different but doorways and freezing is a bloody nightmare no gadget gets me through them   I have to stop fighting it stand still and compose myself and pretend I am kicking a ball to make one leg go in front of the. Other but that's just me we are all so different maybe Gadjits work for some but not me  good luck To you folks Ian 

Take your point , just posted it as I thought it might help someone, or give them an idea. I wasn't endorsing the product just mentioning its existence


I personally stand still and imagine marching on a parade ground, even thinking "left right left right"  feel an idiot but it works. Anything is good if it works for you and you are so right we are all different. 




Hi all,

I have a walking stick supplied by Physo, that throws a laser beam across the floor in front of you when you place it on the floor. One then steps over the laser line, and so on and so on. It is very effective. Although more and more now I need a frame. It's not much good outside in strong light.

The label on the stick says and it's called In-Step. It helps a lot with freezing. Or should I say not freezing.

Not sure about the gadget you have mentioned Tee Hee. It looks somewhat complicated and problematic.

Keep fighting 


Hi Benji, Ian, Teehee, Jules77

Like IAN says “ doorways and freezing is a bloody nightmare no gadget gets me through them.  I have to stop fighting it stand still and compose myself “ Often I hold onto side of doorway, practice swinging legs alternately to get the idea of walking, then estimate number of steps and hopefully get going!

I tried a laser stick from my physio but found that just having to carry something makes me freeze even more.

Teehee suggested a laser pointer on another thread, cheap, been there, got that. It was useful initially, but soon lost any advantage. Ditto metronome. No gadgets work for long!

Its all in the mind. 


Yessssss thank you supa !! 

I told my wife the same thing she would say use your stick but Jesus trying to carry the dam thing does make it worse. As usual those things worked to start with but if I try and carry a box of matches am stuffed !! But we are all different though you and I sound the closest in our PD I have heard anywhere I've posted , take care sunflower am gonna post better later on meal time 

Ian x



I have just thought of something that sometimes helps me get going.

Ed walks on my left when on lead. When I am out with Ed and have got stuck, if he is on lead, I tell him to go round. That is, he moves from my left side, across front, on round my right side to the back, and as I swap lead hands, he returns to my left side and I can start to walk. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 rounds to get me started.

Worth teaching Buddy when he's ready for it, fully grown and can concentrate on you, not everything else in vicinity.

Doesn't work at all if Ed is off lead, even from the same start position, which just goes to show how weird and unpredictable this gait stuff is!!


Aye supa 

I have a problem wth buddy as when I try to hold the lead he thinks it's a game as my hands shake a lot when I walk anything longer than the house his lead isint good for us , he runs along side the bike his nose right beside the pedals no lead he has done this since the day we took him home . It's good now as he can go faster . My wife takes him on a lead in busy places most of the time he just trots along , nice to hear Edds doing fine , buddy is all legs just now till he grows a bit more , aw this walking is getting beyond a joke for me now odd times I can move along but most times now freezing at doors crowds ect I could type here all night about it , I can't Hoover a floor without freezing and bending to the shape of a boomerang am going to shut up now take care of yourself and edd tooraloo sunflower 


Hi Supa and Ian,

you're so right about bloody doorways and also small gaps. When I have switch-off and I have plenty, no device is much good. The beaut I get hit with is freezing plus painful Dystonia, together add a side order of a bit of dribbling for good measure. Struggle to get through a barn door then.

Supa - When you mentioned Ed on a lead, that sounded a good discipline. Do you think it would work with an imaginary dog?

Or I'll practise with Harvey, my daughters choc lab, next time they visit. Should be fun, he as boisterous as Labs get. I'd have to put some roller skates on; wait a minute that might not be a bad idea?



Sorry, Ian, I forgot about your shakes. But, the bonus is that Buddy will be really versatile and trained to both off-lead and on-lead perfection! Many working collies are brilliant off-lead but go crazy or pull when on-lead.   And, you and Buddy will be ready for that wonderful day when the miracle drug comes along that stops tremors. and cures freezing. But no breath holding. I keep telling Eddy that one day I will be able to run and play ball with him again, like I did when he was a a pup. He wags his tail and says “bring it on”!


Jules 77

Will be interested to know if an imaginary dog works for you. Doesn't for me, unfortunately.
Your daughter could help by teaching her dog the “round” command before you try it. Treats may help to focus his mind if he's a typical lab and into food!