Freezing Gait

Hi, I was diagnosed in November of 2020 with freezing gait at the great age of 66, although I retired at 61, together with my wife

Until I was diagnosed, I was a very active person, I had just finished rebuilding my bungalow and just taken up golf

However, the PD has gotten worse in the last six months, I have fallen (face planted) 13 times in 40 days, with my knees (too sore to even touch atm) and elbows taking the brunt of the falls, once every 3 das don’t sound too bad but often I go days without one fall then like a number 86 bus they come along in 2 or 3’s, obviously I have a shoulder problems as well, that goes with catching myself on door frames as I go through them or just hitting the deck.

I’m currently on madapar 187 mg 4 x times day and 125 slow release during the night

I had 2 very painful fall so Wednesday , so in my frustration (and the first time I’ve cried in many a year) I called anybody and everybody that I could think of…

My consultant in Norwich is on leave, no back-up

My old consultant in Addenbrookes did ring back the following day, understanding, but no constructive ideas other than contact your local PD nurse

Which I did and they have arranged a meet on Tuesday next week

I guess the million-dollar question, is anybody going through something similar, that an impart some pearls of wisdom, any suggestion gratefully received



Hi Bob I’m 67 and have had Parkinson’s 7 years. I take madopar 200mg 4 times a day plus ropinerole 40mg am and 40 mg pm finally selegiline 20 mg am.
I have recently started to have freezing gait issues and problems with door openings as you suggest. Couple of tips walk backwards, throw a ball from hand to hand as you walk co kick a tennis ball along the floor.this all helps to trick the brain to forget about walking.
Down load a metronome and play back through earphones or sing a song with a beat “grand old duke of York” and try and move legs to the beat. If you can’t move forward move sidewards rocking back and fore to get you started.

Finally ask your consultant for an apormophine pen you can inject directly into your skin,tummy or leg and it acts within about 10 mins to free those legs, lasts about an hour to give your normal meds time to work. I use it as my get out of jail card.
At night I just don’t leave the bedroom I use a bottle for a wee. In the house can you reorganise furniture to make trips easier no negotiate. Mats and rugs are lethal
Regards golf please continue we have a four nations tournament at the belfry which is amazing run by a charity called @sportparkinsons check out last years video link here

Hope some of this helps keep in touch

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HI I’m 63 retired at 60 dx 12 years ago. I started festinating about 18 months ago. I’ve had a couple of falls. nothing to bad. It’s worst in the house. doorways are real problems. I sing 76 trombones along with stamping my feet when I approach doorways. I also have issues in crowded areas and have given up going to watch rugby unless I’m with someone else. I’ve no solution to the shuffling in crowds. If anyone else has ideas I’d be interested to know.

Hi, I’m Martin 75 years old and with PD since 2018. I haveing the same problems as you Bob, except I think mine are much worse. I fall a lot, up to six times a day. so my knees are shot to pieces. By being very conscious as I am walking, I have` managed to reduce it back some what. Any suggestions you have will be gratfully received.

I’ve fallen many times, and broken both hips at differing times - last one 4 months ago. Since then I’ve have had trouble with doorways and freezing.
I use a walking frame, and sometimes two crutches.
I cope by looking down at where my feet are, and imagining big white stickers on the floor with black numbers printed on their surface, starting with ‘1’.
I move my feet onto each imagined number, counting upwards in my head as I progress; 1, 2, 3, 4,…etc, in slow steady steps. I know it’s 12 steps from my armchair to the loo, and from there 20 steps to the bedroom.
Any new surroundings I estimate ahead how many steps I’ll need to get to my new destination, then I count and trundle my way along (a step each second approximately.
I don’t do much more than 20 without a rest in between. Stopping before, or worse still, in the doorway is a definite ‘No No’ !
(I’m on Madapar 5 x times day and slow release during the night.)