Freezing has worsened

I have had Parkinson’s 7 years . Have taken Madopar since . Currently increase dose to 5 a day of levadopa 125with benserazide . Recently freezing has got worse . Can anybody recommend anything that they have found to help this ,

Hi @ladyc it’s good to have you back with us again.

As you know, freezing is a very common challenge of Parkinson’s. Even though we don’t know exactly why it happens, we do know it’s made worse by things like anxiety, stress, progression of the condition, and missing medication. On our website, you’ll find many tips that will help you with freezing. A search for ‘Freezing’ on the site will bring up even more.

We’re sure that our friendly forum members will join in with their own thoughts and tips shortly.

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I use Ambroxol to clear my brain fog consistently from PD, which I believe is also helping significantly reduce my freezing episodes (both were bad and getting worse before I started taking it), and when they do start they’re much easier to mentally break (I also believe based on that and other observations that it is slowing my progression). I have posted quite a few research links on this board that could help you understand how it works and its safety (which is very good), or you can simply search on Parkinsons and Ambroxol for a lot more on it. One trial completed last year with some very positive findings and it’s currently in a trial for PD dementia which completes at the end of this year (which based on my own now 14 month experience with it, I expect to be similarly positive, links to both follow). As always do your own due diligence and speak with your neurologist before trying it (mine is fine with it, although he really didn’t know much about it when I brought to him, so you may have the same experience). This could be a real answer for you, and something I think you might consider doing a bit of research on. FYI, I am in my 5th year since diagnosis, and on a very low dose of Carbidopa/Levodopa (1.5 25-100mg tabs 2x daily, which is 1/2 of what my neuro recommends, with Mucana supplements sometimes during off periods), which I believe Ambroxol is helping me sustain.

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Yes I find mine on my back and pulling my knees up to my chest when I have time or both together and extending my legs up and ceiling and moving them each one at a time say 50 times of they are fine this this helps when freezing quite a lot

She’s so important to do stretches it’s the single most important thing you can do to combat Parkinson’s stretch Q2 body supple

I hope everyone is at least reading my excellent advice here because I really know what I’m talking about out but I suppose this some people that were think who the hell does he think of years he’s only been on here 5-minutes but I think I know what I’m talking about so please take it easy on me

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