Freezing of Gait

Most of my problems are linked to my mobility. My legs get really heavy & as I walk
my back gets more & more uncomfortable. I can walk 50 yards but it is not pleasant.
I can’t enjoy walking. I am often thinking to myself is this walk really necessary. Do I need a loaf of bread from our local bakers as I have run out ? I can’t park close enough so I decide to wait till next week when I can park closer & use my blue badge or maybe I’ll feel better soon, knowing I probably won’t.

Now I get freezing of gait, not every day, maybe not every week. But I do get it &
I can predict when it will happen. Because It happens when I do certain things. Obviously it is key not to do the things that bring on this horrific sensation that I can do nothing about.

One thing that brings on my gait freezing is quite ridiculous really. Now, at home in my flat I can make a mug of tea in my kitchen & carry it to my bedroom. I pour a full mug carry it through the kitchen into my bedroom with its white carpet, step over the computer charging cable that is maybe 2 feet off the ground. No problem.

I have been doing this for over a year since I had my Parkinson’s diagnosis & I have
never spilt a drop of tea or coffee in my flat.

But if I go into a cafe & order a cup of tea or a plate of food or a tray of something I take about 2-3 steps & I have this terrible sensation building up inside me. The first thing that happens is that I freeze to the spot & I can’t move. Then comes the earthquake & I shake so violently & I have to say “can someone help me please”.
They take the cup or the tray & after a minute I can walk. The kind person follows me to my seat & puts the tray or mug on my table & everything is fine.

Clearly what I do normally is I go to the counter pay for my tea. I tell the person I have Parkinson’s & I shake a bit & they take my tea / coffee to my table. Problem solved.

So yesterday I go to pick up my car after a recall … The lady at reception says can I get you a coffee there is machine some 15 yards away … I know how to operate the machine so I [stupidly] say. Don’t worry I’ll get myself one. Now I know I shouldn’t but I thought I can do this. So I pour the coffee into a mug. I pick up the mug I move maybe 3 feet & I freeze to the spot & I start to shake, in seconds all the coffee will be on the floor. So I say “Can someone help me please” … there are salesman at desks & one is quickly to my rescue & takes the mug of coffee from me & carries it to where I am sitting.

I feel so cross with myself, why can’t I do such a simple thing?

Anyone else have this happen ?

Best wishes

Hi Steve2,
Wow, that really is not a nice thing to happen.
Do you think it may be because you are so conscious of it happening that you actually freeze so that you do not actually spill the coffee etc.
You can do it at home no hassle so it can only be that you have “talked” yourself into it happening?

Hello CliveV … I had thought I had convinced myself it would not happen. I was sort of testing myself. If I had been left to my own devices I would have spilt all the coffee in seconds. All over the floor.

I cannot explain why it happens away from home but not at home. It might be other people in the room, but I don’t think so as I am unaware of them.

I recently did a 1 hour x 6 week Neurological Physiotherapy course with a trained Parkinson’s physiotherapist & there were certain exercises that brought on these
freezing episodes. One was to put one foot in front of the other heel to toe. After one step I froze & could not move. No logic to it.

I also get these episodes if I stand still for more than 2-3 minutes.

Thanks for asking.
Best wishes

Damn, so sorry to hear that Steve2.
Really hope they can find the cause sooner rather than later.