Freezing when doing complexed task such has cooking

Hi has anyone experienced freezing while performing complex tasks I was diagnosed in 2015 and my Parkinsons is well controlled although i am only on staleveo 4 times per day and Madopar if required as i am trying to limit my tablet needs and look at more alternative treatments that may help alongside my meds

I have experienced freezing while walking but never during preparing food I was preparing Tuna Pasta bake when involves transferring and mixing placing in the oven etc when I suddenly stopped. I knew what the next step was but could not get my body to turn or even think about it I took a madopar and within minutes i was back to normal Bizarre stuff scared me a but resembled paralysys. I returned to normal about 15 mins after taking my madopar and finished the cooking.

yes, I used to have pretty bad freezing like you desctribe intermittently when doing tasks, but I have stopped having those bad ones since I started taking Ambroxol, now when they do start (which frequency is much reduced) I can pretty easily mentally break them. I have written a lot on this board about it, or you can simply search on Ambroxol for Parkinsons to find out more. You might want to do some due diligence on it and consider it after discussing with your neurologist (mine is fine with it, he actually asked me for my source for his other patients who want to try it the last time I met with him). One link below to get you started.

Thank you for replying i will look into what you suggest
many thanks