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Does anyone have any advice for night-time freezes? My mum struggles to step over the threshold from the carpeted landing into a tiled bathroom. She manages ok during the day but seems to find it difficult during the night. Is this a common night time problem?

She has tried counting, light on, light off but if anyone has any other suggestions, I'd love to hear from you. One day, I'll hopefully get my mum to take part in forum chat herself (she's not a competent user of the laptop!) but for now, I'll pass on any little gems of advice to her.

Thank you all in advance
Hi WelshMandy

We have an excellent publication all about freezing, with several different tips to try.

You can download it for free from our website at

Hope your mum finds it useful.

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Hi Welsh Mandy.I know this may sound a bit odd, but, I promise you it works for me! Sometimes I have trouble with freezing especially if I have to walk into a darker room than the one I am in. So, first of all my hubby makes sure all the lights are turned on where I have to walk, then he walks backwards whilst holding my hands, I walk forwards this is the best bit.... I call one leg 'Tina'and the other leg, 'Turner'. Off we go saying, 'Tina', 'Turner' and repeat this until we reach our destination!We are usually in hysterics by the time we get to what ever room are going to. But it does work !
i have a theory that freezing is caused by the areas of the brain that pre-process information from the senses wrongly identifying a danger. in a healthy person this pre-conscious 'brake' is quickly released by the conscious (or a least higher level) phase of processing which recognises that there isn't a danger after all and lets the movement proceed. this pre-processing breke is very handy in real life and stops us falling down open man-holes, stepping on snakes etc. things that require a very fast response to danger - faster than the conscious decision making could manage. therfore people freeze at boundaries between light and dark, different floor coverings that look a little like cliff edges, patterns that look a little like snakes or spiders. marching, 'tina turner' etc override the pre-conscious break explicitly. one other way might be to prevent the interpretation of danger in the first place by modifying the 'edges' to reduce contrasts and edges or to positively add clues to the safety of the ground by replacing lines that cross in front of the walker with lines (like railway tracks) that move in the same direction as the walker.

i wrote all that then found the puk guide had a thing about sticky tape on the floor, but b****r it i'll post it anyway.
There are good tips in this video on how to avoid and recover from freezing, part of a lecture by a physiotherapist who works with pd patients.
Thank you all for your responses.

BlueAngel - yours did make me chuckle! But if it works, that's all that matters!

Best Wishes
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Hope this is of use Fedex
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