New member diagnose since 2005 . On medication .manageable. Recentley start freezing when I walk what can I do .

there are some suggestions in document

dont freeze myself so haven't tried them.

hi ya asmara welcome to the forum,im ali and been dx 12 years in november ,im 43 years old so got dx quite young,i freeze also mainly when going through door or in to a lift,when i start to walk getting going can be a struggle ankeles are so stiff but once get going i dunna wont to stop :laughing:,alot of pd suffers have problems with freezing i think everyone is so different with pd at different times through the jpurney of this rottern disease.when i freeze i tend to count it usually takes me about from 4 to 20 to get started agin depending how tired iam and wot my feet and ankles feel like i guess,its a big nusence im afraid but has become to me part of my life and i have got use to it now .anyway asmara if there is anything else you need help with please dont hesitate to ask,there are many community members here on puk forum who will be willing to answer your questions x:smile:

Dear Asmara

Hello and welcome.

As turnip and Ali have alresdy pointed out, us pwp are awkward so and sos in that we all have different and individual symptoms and ways of coping. I do "freeze". Here are some suggestions that I have found helpful.: If when walking you suddendly freeze, take a few moments to breathe deeply, rock slightly backwards & forwards, then exaggerate your movements - lift your legs and swing your arms with determination. I call this my "Ja Ja Binks " walk. You may get some odd looks from passers by, but so what?. The only trouble is that it can be difficult to stop!

If you have difficulty getting through doorways , it can be helpful to paint a brightly coloured line (or stick securely a strip of contrasting carpet) across the opening. This seems to encourage us ( or at least me) to lift my feet. Obviously only appropriate in your own home. I doubbt that friends, hotels or restaurants would appreciate the gesture.

Good luck!

Freezing is one of my symptoms and I've found the advice on here interesting. Very useful link. Hey, we're not really freezing - what's the rush :grin:

good tips . I painted a white strip at the front of each step at the entrance to house , also at the threshold . It does help .I always prompt my husband to take slow breaths when he freezes or comes under stress or distract him to break the concentration .