cool A  week or 5 ago this little toplat decided it would join in with Mr Parky , Mr Prostate Cancer (respect), Mr Knee  Patella Syndrome and  not forgetting  good  old  Dee  Pression, who I fear the  most .into having some fun at my expense , by crashing just  as I was searching for info on D I Y moon  landing and how  to , well  do it  myself I mean it  cant be that  hard can it if the most powerful  country in the world can  elect a bloke like frump to lead them well gullible  is the word me thinks, in other words me I and anyone else with  absolutely no experience of  building a system so  complicated it retains a cast of  thousands to   ensure success, ah  but  heres  where I  will score I will go  to  the  newly elected P O U S A and ask if  I can borrow  the redundant SATURN 5  lying on its side at the magical KENNEDY SPACE CENTRE,  and if  anyone is so completely bonkers as the P O U S A  SO OUT OF TOUCH with reality well it should  be  a walkover , just as  the P O U S A is walking over all the regulations covering GLOBAL  WARMING  HUMAN RIGHTS  IMPORTANT TREATIES LAID DOWN to  prevent ww3  you  know  trivial  things llike that  sio if he OK  my plan which includes  all expenses the big  S5  will be  transported to  my  back  garden  and me and  my   mate Geordie Rockit,   no   that  is his  name , he is  unemployed fitter for Newcastle City Council will  assemble the  device using my   XTRA heavy duty  block and  tackle well 32yrs as a  plumber in Newcastle  should stand him in good  stead, re fueling may be a prob  as the liquid oxy and hydy, must be  kept at minus 124c or it will become volatile and explode,  nasty,  so Geordie is going to plumb it  through  the  fridge freezer job  done.

 Now the  real  reasoon for this  post is  to  thank Joanne and all  who assisted  me in  making  contact   after my  Lenovo gave me probs  its  ok  now and I have a few  subjects I would like to share,  just this  mmooon   job (SORRY  HERD OF COWS JUST  GONE PAST

                                                   Nice to be back  FED