Frog in the throat


Can anyone tell me if an early morning "frog in the throat' and a hacking cough are Parkinson's symptoms?

some days it lasts for ages.



Don't know if this helps, but getting rid of the amphibian is regular daily occurrence for me, has been for years.  Diagnosed with bronchiectasis many years ago and I make plenty of mucus which has to be expelled. I don't think it has anything to do with my PD as my diagnosis of B pre dates it. 

The hacking cough you have is worth seeking advice from your doctor because you could have a chest infection. I have been through all that and I try to monitor the condition of the mucus, (colour and consistency).  Look after your lungs, don't and pneumonia could be next.  It has for me.






Many thanks Jim. I think a visit to the doctor is on the books.



Hi Banjo - did you go see your GP?



I haven't Sheila.i have received an appointment at the hospital for my 6 monthly Parkinson's check-up this month and I'll see what they say. 


Hi Banjo

I have same problem, my cough started a YEAR gone JUNE, after I had an infection in my throat and ear, and pains in my head. Got antib's to clear this up which it did but left with this stupid gagging cough now, that happens anytime and anywhere. Been for chest xray, camera up nose to throat, treated for silents reflux with Gastro tablets. Nothing came to light - been basically told me now by GP "can't do anymore for me so will have to put up with it!!"

If you can get some leeway with your cough i'd be willing to travel anywhere to see someone else to help me get some relief!

Just out of curiosity what meds are you taking??

Cheers - Sheila


 Thanks Sheila.

I am waiting 'till I've seen the nurse on 25th before I decide what to do. If it's not a Parkinson's problem it's a bit worrying. I'll let you know.

i am on co-caroldopa and pramipexol at the moment.





















Hi John please do let me know of anything you find out. My meds are 18mg of Ropinirole per day and sinimet 62.5 x 2 three times a day so it can't be that cos I'm on different meds to you



True. I think I worry a little when a get a nasty cough and spit because i once, long ago to be fair, worked with asbestos.



My Parkinson’s nurse thinks it’s a Parkinson’s problem with a build up of saliva. It seems I’m not clearing it during sleep.





Hi Banjo - thanks for getting back to me. Saw my parkinsons nurse on 4th Sept and she seems to say now that it could be because of parky meds (never said that before!), however she has increased my Sinimet to six a day, from three a day, and said it may help with the cough as well. Then last week I had a cold and started to cough even more, even to the point of no return! Then as my cold retreated, low and behold so did my cough, it is still there but not quite as bad. Could it be that it was a virus that fatal June of 2015 that brought on the cough and another recent virus to help take it away.(well not quite)! The mind boggles and I'm at a loss to understand...........should see my Neurologist on 9th November so see if she can shed some light on it????

In the meantime watch this space and take care ............................Sheila x



I use to have a nagging cough usellly after I ate.DX would probably be asperation in the upper respirtory areas.Now i eat upright no slouching and make sure my mind is on eating and also avoid drinking with food.Now I have little cough and very few choking sessions




Thanks for the input john947, glad it works for you and hope it keeps the cough at bay. I'm still struggling a bit, and tried loads of things to get rid but to no avail, so keep to your regime and fingers crossed see what happens - meanwhile i'll wait till my Neuro appointment comes around.......

All the best - Sheila




Might be being a bit hopeful and speaking to soon - but I think my cough is slowly fading away - can't believe it after over eighteen months there seems to be a bit of a reprieve. Had a cold couple of weeks ago and coughed for England, now it seems to have coughed the cough better, if that seems possible, it could have dislodged something or other. Keeping fingers crossed!!

Peace at last - Sheila


Sheila, that made me smile because I’ve got a stinker of a headcold and I’m coughing fit to bust. Sod’s Law.