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This is my first time in a chat room so bear with me. I am a 67 year old care giver for my husband who is 73. We live in California. My husband was diagnosed with MSA in late 2010. Over the last six months I think he has experienced marked subtle changes particularly relating to his ability to move and transfer. He is wheel chair bound and moving him is becoming a lot more difficult for me. He is still quite healthy but both of us are finding it harder to truly be in the moment and to stay positive. It is a long slippery slope and I think we are both feeling lonely and lost in different ways The few posts that I read seem to be more from those with PD so if I am in the wrong place you can let me know
You are not in the wrong place Aussiebird. We are all here to support each other whatever the dx or problem. There are many people here who are more than willing to listen, advise if they can and help you through,

Welome to the Forum
hi aussiebird
we have several people with msa. i think the general opinion is that parkinsonisms count so please feel welcome. the carers section should be particularly helpful, I dont think the exact nature of the neural degeneration makes much difference there.
I presume you are from australia - where abouts?
Welcome aussiebird
I like your forum name. You are in the right place and though lots of posts are from people with Parkinson's (PWP) we have lots of members who are carers, children, friends of PWP too.
Parkinson's and related conditions affect people in subtly different ways but among the boys and girls who come here you will find many with experiences very like yours and who will listen and offer you the benefit of their experiences.
The combined effects of sleep disturbance and geography mean that you will find people here at almost any time
I hope you get as much support from this place as I do

Elegant Fowl
hiya aussiebird,welcome to puk forum,your deffo not in the rong place,as others have said we got members with msa as well,everyone is very welcome,im ali and ive had pd for 11 half years ,im 43 years old.aussibird there lot surport on this forum and nice friends to be say you and hubby are struggling,may be its time you both think of gettin some help in ,say from carers,there is many agenecies that come in to the home and take off the pressure from the loved one and help the sufferer with your forum name im asuming your from austraila,if i have this rong i apoligize,the reason im askin is cus im not sure wot help there is in australia if its different to wot is here in england,but i guess you have the drift,there is a helpline here on puk aussie bird,may be good idea to give them a ring,number is top of this page,they are very nice people,and will guide you ,give you surport as well.good luck x:smile:
o my gosh ive just read your post agin assie bird,and i see your from california,my appoligizes for sayin australia to you.but the same princible stands with carers in your country,do you get carers that come in to homes to help ,and take pressure off?:smile::smile: