From a carer

Hello everyone

I am new to this forum and want to introduce myself. I am carer to my husband who was diagnosed with PD about four years ago. He is 76 and I am 67. It is only in the last year or so that the PD has had a significant impact on our lives and we are both finding it hard to adjust to the new direction our lives are taking. My husband was always a very active and practical, problem-solving man and now has difficulties with mobility, has memory problems and gets quite confused. However on the plus side, he is not depressed, can still walk (albeit slowly and with help)and I am in good health and get regular respite. I know that there are others who are far worse off than we are.

Looking forward to joining in on the forum.

Hi there,

yup, it certainly does take some getting used to. However, on the good days don't do too much, just enjoy. The temptation is to go nuts on good days, the knock-on is very predictable.

Enjoy each other and don't make huge plans, that way you don't feel that you've failed if things have to change.

Steady and serene. My new mantra.

Hi, a warm welcome to the forum worrels, I'm sure that you will find a lot more about pd here than any medic can give you. Ive been diagnosed for 11 years now and didn't join the forum until about 3 years ago. I couldn't believe the amount of information that others were able to offer that my neuro had never talked to me about. I do hope that you will find it as informative and supportive as I have. I hope to chat to you some time.

Hello.My husband has PD.He still works full time and is 61.I'm a future carer.This is a good website.Best wishes
Hi Worrals,

Welcome to the forum!!

I am so sorry you are confronting trying times. Your attitude is so very positive and you will definiteky get on top of this!!

What meds is your husband on and have these been changed or tweaked over the past year? I'm hoping he keeps in contact with his neuro or PD nurse and that he can improve somewhat.

Best wishes to you and your husband,
Thank you all for your welcome.:grin:

Rico: My husband is on Sinemet Plus and Rivastigmine patches. He gets hallucinations which became worse when we tried Selegeline, so we (that is the PD nurse and me) stopped it. The patches do help. I know this because a couple of times they have been missed and the confusion and memory were much worse.

We have great support from our PD nurse and see the neuro six monthly. Also our GP is very good, although she says that when it comes to meds the PD nurse is far more clued up than she is.

We have a good Parkinsons Support Group and the carers get together from time to time.

So all in all things could be much worse.

Most of the time I am very upbeat and just get on with things but occasionally it all overwhelms me and I get very low. I find Bach Rescue Remedy very effective when that happens!