From down under

this is interesting reading, though I might share this with you guys
thank you beama
interested is an understatement!
their press release is here
the auckland islands are nowhere near auckland but are half-way from nz to antarctica.
the pigs were introduced in the 19thcentury as a food supply for lost whalers. the pigs did very well as few whalers landed, if any.
the nz dept of conservation decided to kill all the pigs - the only virus-free pigs in the world. fortunately the rare breeds conservation of nz rescued some.
i'm sure there is a lesson about actions and consequences there somewhere.
Thanks for posting that beama. It's exciting technology and it won't be too long before we know whether or not it works in humans...........and it will probably cure my deafness in the same operation!
Best news I have heard all year...:laughing: following this story with interest
Hi all,
A news item about this trial has just been posted on our website. You can find it here:

Hope everyone is okay today.

in NZ you can't sue anybody for accidents - i wonder if this makes such trials easier to speed up?
I very very very much recommend this video

diabetes = pd
insulin = dopamine
hypoglycemia = off periods

for diabetes this procedure seems to work. its hard to think of any reason why pd should be different. and many other diseases.

video also includes views of auckland, cute pigs and Mayor Tim Shadbolt of Invercargill saving the world. perfect.
Thanks for the video, Turnip. Mayor Shadbolt was hilarious!
theres the big banana, the big pineapple, the big kiwifruit - invercargill has the big ****, but we may end up owing Tim Shadbolt a lot. Its a strange world we live in.

its an incredible technology that keeps out the cell killers but lets the hormones etc through. I suspect that these cells are immortal because they have a defense system. i hope it isnt misplaced but i feel particularly optimistic about this one. either that or we kill everyone with a pig virus!