From God to Guide


This is a video made by the Dutch Neurologist Bas Bloem.

Its a pity there isn't more like him about!





Wow that was really good the Pokermind, I agree that there should be more doctors around with his attitude towards parkinsons. Where do you find one...........I have only seen my neurologist every twelve months from day one!



Maastricht sounds a good place to start Shejinn cool


What a wonderful doctor. The Dutch do a lot of things very well



Ze doen dat Samdog!cool


Obviously left you speechless Fluffyquestion mark


great really enjoyed that ! cheers pokermid  i have just started riding my bike the last month even tho my walking is quite bad i can ride normal & its great to feel fresh air again 


Hi Gus. Its quite refreshing to see a neuro that hasn't got his narcissistic head stuck up his own a*se!eek


i am very lucky mine is fantastic,caring& most of all listens Dr Alan Whone bristol brain center !  not forgetting all his colleagues


Great Vid! Great Doctor!

NHS ~ Please take note!


Everyone should send this link to their own Neurologist and give him or her some food for thought!