frozen shoulder

Had frozen shoulder twice in last 12 months , shoulder aching stiff ,plus other symptoms over a number of years , constipation ,depression ,acid reflux , eyes , feel a tremmor in my body and recently my thumb same side as shoulder is twitching .

Went to GP sent for a scan on my neck even thou it is my shoulder causing me the problems , scan results came back cervical stenosis .

question is, has anyone had same experience and then been diagnosed with parkinsons

My neck feels ok compared to my shoulder .
should i ask for a brain scan.

Hi ptips

Yes, I did that. Frozen shoulder was a distraction from my PD symptoms. I saw a sports consultant for it and he said there was a link to PD. I was referred separately for my PD symptoms.

Hello ptips and welcome to the forum. I’m afraid I can’t comment on your general situation or advise you on what you should do since my experience was nothing like yours. What I can say is that I had a frozen shoulder a few months before my Parkinson’s diagnosis. I didn’t relate the two things until a little later when I read that a frozen shoulder may be a pre cursor or early indicator of Parkinson’s.

cheers for that .

ive not been right for a number of years and reading some of the posts ive got a very similar story with my other symptoms .

when i went to the DR for the shoulder the GP sent me for a mri on my neck which came back with i had cervical stenosis later explained as buldging disc gp says is causing my problems in shoulder .
my ache stiffness is my shoulder my neck wasnt the problem and still is .

my thumb starting twitching 3months or so and arm so told GP she says its the stenosis but im getting a brain mri now .

did anyone have spinal stenosis as well as parkinsons ?
confused .
my shoulder feels like what people explain as frozen shoulder and i dont get problems with my neck really just feels tight sometimes

hi tot
thanks for the reply ,
like you i just read exactly what you put about frozen shoulder precursor
wich as made me think a lot and read more ie constipation acid reflux depression tremmor feeling throughout my body .
hope it is cervical stenosis but like ive said my neck feels ok .
i went to doctors because of the shoulder and tremmor was worried mnd .

just waiting to find out is making me totally on edge.

did any one get diagnosed through a brain scan?

i know i put should i get a brain mri then im going for an mri .

just wanted to know why im going for brain mri (if anyone had any thoughts as confused) as gp just said she just wanted it checked out

just confused as to whats going on.

doctors just prescribed me 10mg amitriptyline 1 per day worried about taking it

Hello again ptips
The diagnosis process can be very confusing but that is largely because there is not a definitive test for Parkinsons. The main diagnostic tool is observation of clinical signs and scans such as MRIs provide a confirmation of sorts ie it gives an indicator that it is in keeping with the clinical observations.
There are also a number of other neurological conditions with similar symptoms so time is needed to rule out other conditions to try and ensure you are correctly diagnosed.
All you can really do is ask questions of anything you find confusing and be direct eg what is the MRI for? What is amitriptyline for? Why have you prescribed this before I have a formal diagnosis? That sort of thing. The aim for you should be to ask plain English questions which should encourage straightforward answers and hopefully make things a little clearer for you. It is worth making a note of your questions so that you don’t forget anything.
To ask how long the process takes is like asking how long is a piece of string I’m afraid. It takes as long as it takes but hopefully you will know one way or another sooner rather than later.
One final point, be careful what you read when you don’t know for sure what your diagnosis is. It is easy to get carried away read anything you come across that seems to have the remotest connection to whats going on and you can end up tying yourself in knots and worrying unnecessarily - there’s little point in that. It’s not much but I hope this has helped a little.

Hi all i think you need a DAT scan not Mri scan for parkinsons diagnosis

I think it depends my MRI was more for confirmation and checking there was nothing else there was no question over my diagnosis itself. A dat wasn’t needed in my case