Frozen shoulder

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One of my early symptoms was a Frozen Shoulder. I was told this is a very common early symptom. I exercise it to keep I moving but it doesn't seem to improve it. A friend told me she'd read somewhere that Frozen Shoulder goes away on its own after some months. Does anybody have experience of this?
Hoping for some feedback on this.
Hi -I have an extremely painful hip (still suffer from intermittent pain ) then developed what was thought to be a frozen shoulder and yes after some 2 months the shoulder pain ceased .Shoulder and hip seem to alternate giving pain !:angry:
Hello, Horace. I had a stiff & sore shoulder for several years before my PD diagnosis. As it was on my left dominant side, I thought I'd just been overdoing it! Little did I know... The neurologist prescribed me a low does of Amiltriptyline (for chronic pain) alongside my agonist patches & the pain vanished. Alas, it caused me to have hallucinations so had to stop & the pain has returned but, I believe, I was unlucky experiencing this side effect & Amitriptyline may well work wonders for you. Good luck.
Thanks for the feedback.
As I said, I am keeping it moving with exercise. I am seeing my neurologist next month I will see what he thinks.
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I had a floating pain which finally settled in my right shoulder. My neurologist said PD does not cause pain but my PD had not read the same textbook. After some ten months of agony a friend who was experimenting with tourmaline patches gave me a few to try. They worked like magic. Almost immediate relief with no side effects. The calming effect seems to last for some weeks after removal of the patch so just occasionally I have to now revert to one or several on the shoulder fpor a few days. Brilliant..
Hi =mecklenberger,
Thanks for that. It looks as if Amazon sell them. I'll give it a whirl.
The patches were a mixture of Tourmaline and Zeolite which seems to magnify the effect. I have a few spare if you have a problem getting them.
My aching shoulder goes when i take my meds.
M, seems like that doctor knows little about PD, pain is very common. :)
Both my very experienced GP and neurologist were adamant that the pain was not associated with PD..Recommended cortisone into the shoulder joint guided by USound. This sounded to me to be a temporary answer but mainly because the pain did not seem to be in the joint as such so was reluctant to go that route.
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Dr Richard Walker recently joined this forum to answer questions about pain for members. He pointed out early on in the session that though many people with Parkinson's experience pain, this can be either related or unrelated to the condition.

You can find a transcript of that here:

I hope this helps.

Thanks Ezinda.
Thank you for this. Most interesting. It confirms that pain can be associated with Parkinsons which certainly was my experience. The tourmaline solution was a real surprise although tourmaline has been known about for a very long time. It gets mixed up with mystical things but I knew none of this when I first tried it.. It just worked so well.


                           My wife has been suffering with painful heavy shoulders, maybe called frozen shoulders. I read your post about Tourmaliene and Zeolite patches what is your latest thoughts on them ?

                        Thanks.............. Billy