Frustrating, not getting meds!

I know that I am not the only one to say this but why do we feel like we are continually battling the GP to prescribe what the PD nurses or hospital consultant advise?
My mum has had PD for several years now. The PD nurses are brilliant! However whenever there is an alteration in the prescription (despite the professional letters) the GPs at the surgery nearly always get something wrong!
Whats wrong with these people? They are supposed to be medical professionals! What makes it worse is that they don’t communicate with the patient. I put in a medication request on Friday, it has not been sent to the chemist. Its now Weds. They just don’t prescribe & don’t explain why.
When the PD nurse rings them, they can suddenly sort things out, but my poor mum gets very stressed having to go through this performance every month. I know that it is difficult to change yr GP and complaining doesn’t seem to make any difference either. If it wasn’t for the PD nurse I don’t know what would be happening to my mother.
Thanks folks for letting me rant. :slight_smile:

And I thought I was the only one !!! I feel like pulling my hair out at the moment.

My Neurologist changed my medication recently - same meds, different strength. I took the prescription to the Chemist - it being the one the neurologist gave me to tide me over until my GP had set it up - no problem. Visited my GP on another matter and asked her if she had changed my repeat prescription to show my new strength medication - she pulled it up on the screen and it appears the neurologist had made a typo in his letter - the one he prescribed in his letter to my GP does not exist!!!

I am coming to the end of my meds so ended up going back to my GP - there was no trace of me having these meds (whole record been deleted) so, hopefully it has now been reinstated - don’t know if it has been sorted - will visit the chemist within next 2 days - fingers and toes crossed. Goodness only knows what will happen if I am unable to get my PD meds.

Oh Eve! I feel your pain. :tired_face:
Hope you are able to get it all sorted!
After a phone call to the surgery from the nurse (again!) I have now managed to get mum’s meds. I still don’t know what the problem is with the surgery!
God Bless and good luck with getting your medication. Abi


I handedin my repeat prescription list at the surgery on the 16th of August. I collected the last item from the list on the 10th of September. I went to the surgery 5 times and Boots 5 times. Boots never answer the phone, the surgery will not discus prescriptions on the phone. On one trip to Boots I was told to take some Requip XL 8mg tablets and cut them in half because it was 4 mg tabs I needed. I dread going through the whole rigmarole every other month.

This is crazy that we are all experiencing these issues every month. Surely there should be more support for people with long-term conditions. I wonder if Parkinson’s UK can put any pressure on to the CCGs or whoever it is that could make a difference.

I think it is possible that a large part of the problem is caused by attempts to make the system easier. My repeat prescription was supposed to be done electronically I was told . I needed to do nothing, at the right time the surgery would alert Boots, they would already have everything in stock because they knew when I would need it, I would get a phone call telling me it was ready to collect… that was a complete disaster, surgery blamed pharmacy, pharmacy blamed surgery. When I was trying to get meds through the pharmacy counter of a supermarket they had some patients details on paper, some on computer, some they were calling repeat prescriptions and some were repeat dispensing. In some mix up between surgery and pharmacy some of mine were on paper and some on computer. I suspect that every new health minister introduces a new improved scheme…

And this is supposed to be progress!

Hi @abi1,

I see you’ve received a lot advice from the community which is great. It may also be worth suggesting the Parkinson’s nurse puts any changes to your meds in writing to ensure the GP surgery has a clear record of this. It’s also worth ensuring that your family are copied in so they can refer to it - obviously not ideal but does help ensure they’ve got a record of any changes.

We’re aware that there has been a move to electronic prescribing to make the process more streamlined between pharmacies and GP surgeries, but we know this hasn’t worked well everywhere, especially as technology hasn’t been embraced right across the NHS which isn’t ideal.

If you need more support on this, please give our helpline a call on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,