Hi all, I still feel uneasy about posting here as I dont have a diagnosis yet, but wonder if any one else experiences this...

I needed to get money out of the bank and a few things from the shop after a good few hours of telling myself to move and get it done I finally managed to make it up the stairs to get some "decent" clothes on, by the time I got up there I had worn myself out, slumped on the bed, my body refusing to make any move I came to the conclusion someone else would have to go for me... no one was around so I had to go myself..

I have always been a very independent person and have tried to keep doing things myself.

The feelings of absolute frustration I am having with myself are driving me mad!

I sat on the bed reduced to tears because my brain is telling me "all you need to do is...." yet my body refuses to cooperate

So I make it to the shop with my list, shuffling around, not remembering where anything is, trying to keep myself from falling over and probably looking like a bit of an alcoholic with shaking and twitching going on, standing in the queue leaning on to whatever seems stable enough, then fumbling with money hoping no one else is noticing how jittery I am, hoping the cashier doesnt speak to me because I'm going to look even more stupid when I try and speak because my face is always so tense and voice is so quite...
Then hoping that when I pick the bags up I dont drop them because scrambling around on the floor when you have poor balance is just ridiculous!!

SOmething once so simple has now become a major hurdle.. if this is PD and I get medication will this get better or easier?

I cant explain the frustration I am feeling with everything I try to do!!


I also didnt manage to get some "decent" clothes on... I just went in my pajama's.. which probably didnt help the "crazy lady" look :flushed:

Hi again, what a struggle. But you didn't give up! Personally the medication helps me, it makes me steadier on my feet and lessens my tremor.

Let us know how things go at your hospital meeting. And happy birthday x

Hi Missiem, many years ago when I was eventually diagnosed with Pd, I had a lot of the same problems s you have now. One of my first symptoms was a tremor in my right hand, which was very embarrassing because I am right handed, and I would drop coins all over the shop floor, but the worst thing was I was in my twenties and had two pre school children. They got used to being left sat in the supermarket trolley while I went outside, trembling due to having a panic attack. And tired wasn't the word for it ! However, life goes on, and eventually the medical profession will find medication which will suit your needs. So don't give up you will find plenty of friends and help here, on the Forum .

Hi M
there is one question I would like to ask you in confidence (not indecent or anything like that!) but you have your email option switched off. Of course its entirely up to you to keep it that way, and many people do. But if it was unintentional could you let me know if you decide to alter it.

Thanks all, yes I didnt give up and apart from the frustration I reminded myself of that and somewhere inside I did have a feeling of accomplishment :grin:

I didnt realise I had an email option, I will check :flushed:


Hello missiem.
Rest assured there are many medicinal solutions to your problem, it may
take a few tries to get the right one for you but a lot of clever people are on your side and you will find the right drug.
I am on Madopar and Tolcapone plus a few others to fine tune my system and make
it behave, and it works,,most of the time at least, but your symptoms are very like mine if I miss my drug intake timing , things will improve as if by magic the right
medicine will give you back your life, and I also can be contacted by e-mail if you so wish, its good to talk and there are so many kind folks on this forum,with so much knowledge of PD so any fears you may have can be addressed .

Kindest Regards fedexlike