Sometimes I get so angry at my body I want to punch it! The object of my anger at the mo is my legs, some Tuesdays I have to get the train home from work cos my mum cant pick me up but its bit of a rush to get the earlier train and my legs cant hurry! I tried my best but you have to go up and then down some stairs and that makes me even slower, I missed the train by seconds, it was driving away and I was almost on the platform, makes me want to scream! Its half an hour til the next one and because I tried to hurry my legs are buggered so I cant walk back out and go get a bus or something, they have turned into cement legs again grr. I just get so frustrated that I can't go at a normal speed and if I do try and speed up my legs punish me by becoming almost unusable! Sorry, just venting x

sad face

          Hello Suzy

                            I am sorry you are having thepain and dicomfort with your legs, its bad enough for us old gits but I feel for the young, you should be able to run  and dance climb Scafell Pike  and Helvellyn in one day as me and two pals did to raise cash for a local animal sanctuary, raising over £2000 in the process we were on point of death mind you but we achieved, and thats one of the things  I  do  miss Achievement  , I  do hope a cure can be found Sunbeam for the young onset parky victims like yourself, Beautiful youngsters whose view ahead is blurred and uncertain, there are things happening in my life which are distracting me from the cause but  I  will fight my corner Suzy as long as I draw breath.

                                       Adios Amigo Vaya con Dias



Thanks Fed, I am kinda used to my legs being useless but I still get frustrated a lot! Remember I havent been diagnosed with parky, hopefully ill know soon whats going on though.