Full time care

My Mum (in her 80's)is at present in hospital with a chest infection. She has been in and out of A&E and a cottage hospital since Christmas.
The hospitals will not discharge back home, as she will need constant care, but I am unwilling to put her in a home for the last months of her life. We know her time is limited and would like her to sit in her favorite chair and be able to see her garden in the spring, to eat what she wants when she wants etc.
Has anyone got any idea how we go about finding a full time caring team. I am still working full time and will not be able to give up work.
Hello Chuirkles,

Before your mum is discharged there is normally a meeting with yourself, a social worker and other Professionals to make sure there is a package in place for when she gets home.Your Mum will have a means test to see if she has to pay depending on her situation and illness. If this is not happening then you need to request one.Generally it depends where you live but most care is now provided by agencies so you would need to ask which one is the best and if you are not happy with the one you get ask to change. The whole system really needs an overhaul but in the meantime we are stuck with what we have, saying that there are some very good ones.
The cost in our area is about £18 per hour so its not cheap.
good luck and it is always worth asking Help the Aged or Age Concern for advice but the hospital is the first port of call.
best wishes
Hi Vivian
Thanks for the advice. Mum was not at all well when I visited her today, psychosis
loss of appetite, immobile, we shall see what happens over the next few days.