Fun in the Sun?

Fun in the Sun?

I like my women in stiletto heels
And in a mini, a skirt not the wheels!
Tight tops and blouses should show off her form,
These are the options that make me perform.:bulb:

No time for Frumpies or even Miss Prude,
Get down to business and start being rude!
Which of you Ladies will answer my call?
Probably no-one because of my gall...:flushed:

Leave out your shyness and try to be bold,
Harness the fire to keep out the cold!
Don’t take exception and moan to the mods,
Think of Adonis (lol) or some demi-gods! :sunglasses:

Luke :fearful:

ps answers from women only please.
replies from men or men that think they are women will not be
Sounds fun, count me in.
You don't fancy Lord Adonis (Transport Minister) then?