Functional Neurological Disorder FND

Hi guys, my second time on here. I started Madopar 3 weeks ago but a small dose titrating up and so no impact as yet. I also have a DaT scan booked for early December.
However I had an appointment with my neurologist yesterday and he now thinks I have FND. I have looked into this and the symptoms are very similar to parkinsons. I have also heard that a DaT scan doesn’t always show anything for people with parkinsons so i am feeling even more confused and the black hole of uncertainty has just got deeper…
I am currently signed off work till early January as I am struggling to function with all my symptoms.
Anyone else had a confusion over diagnosis?

Good afternoon Clay … Don’t be confused. You have a DATscan booked for 4 weeks time. After this you will know if you have one of the many forms of Parkinson’s.
Take one step at a time. There is no point in worrying. Worrying makes things worse.

FND cannot be treated so it is not as if you are missing out on early treatment. I think they suggest physiotherapy / mild exercise which you could start now if you wanted to. Also take this as a nudge to get yourself eating more healthily & being as fit as you can be. I had a positive DATscan about 6 months ago & my Neurologist thinks / has guessed that I have Atypical Parkinson’s. This diagnosis cannot be proved. I was on Madopar & Ropinirole. I tried both & neither did anything for me. Both have been stopped & I am on no Parkinson’s medication.

Do let us know the results of your DATscan.

Best of luck.