Fund raising barn dance

Not sure which thread to post this on???

4 of us are going to organise a barn dance on the mid wales coast in July/Aug.

We would like to ask for support from the Parkinson community.
There is no local group to call on.
We have an excellent caller but would like some musicians. We may be able to pay expenses but to raise money for Parkinson's we need to keep expenses to a minimum.

We also need local people to come and to sell tickets for us.
It is a lovely area for a holiday so if any one wanted to come from afar that would be great.

Please get in touch if you can help in any way.
We have heard that a local group is being formed we would very much like to get in touch with the group.
We have a date Sat July 20th and a venue Fairbourne village hall. Thanks to the local dance group who are letting us have their evening.
We already have a caller but are looking for musicians.
Please please can the local group put their details on the website. I gather they started in November. I am still trying to make contact.
Hi mandybike,
We may be able to help you with this but it's not clear from your posts what group it is you're appealing to.

Is it a new group in Fairbourne, Gwynedd, Wales?

I am now in touch with the group,it is apparently an unofficial group just seeing how much support there is for an official group. But I still think that if people like me do not know about the group because it is not on the website then they are missing out on potential members.