Fundraising forparki songs

Hello imthe trikeman I've had pd for 7year's plus in that timeline raised over 6000 pounds ford as well as othefcharitites been reading Nicky Powell from coalvile fundraisins Carol3yn Munroe intakes aloof guts to stand on the street and collect when you have pd infancydress I shouldn't I 've dressed up dolly patron Santa on the trike a hippy youu name itineraryitinerary done it just like to say well done Nicky all the best trikeman11

i also fund raise for many years,to everyone who fund raises for wot ever cause,i admire the determination,it does take guts to do it,well done :smile:

Hi Trikeman good to hear from you hope you are okay,and busy .Was wondering what you have been up to.


Ali j Thank you for your kindness. By the way do you know if AB is okay x

Go you good thing! You are a legend, mate!

Hi.sorry not seen or heard from ab for long time.quite a few people have gone to other forums unfortunally.may she has to :disappointed:

Hi all trikes here I'm still around prob snowed intointouuorrow best wishes to you all happy new year

Hi footsie I'm no legend just crackers all best trikes