Fundraising in Berkshire

Hi, I'm new to the Parkinson's UK Forum. My Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's a few years ago and after seeing how it can affect someone so much I am keen to get involved with fundraising so that we can raise awareness so people are diagnosed sooner and to fund research to help people living with Parkinson's. I live in Berkshire and there doesn't seem to be many events taking place around the area apart from the Half Marathon. If anybody living around the area knows of any events or any idea of events which they think would be good please get back to me. Thanks in advance!

Hi Joanne

Have you been in touch with your local group they may have something going on . If you haven't or don't know about these the link below will help you find your local one. You can also ring the Parkinsons helpline on the number above this page. In our local one my hubby  helped the other weekend by standing in one of our local supermarkets and with others raised over £300 so its worth getting in touch with the organisations. Good Luck


Hi Joanne, I'm fundraising completely for Parkinson's UK this year.

Will be doing Kilimanjaro in October for them too.

I'd be happy to help if you need advice on getting fundraising events together.

You are more than welcome to join our efforts, we raise via our group on Justgiving, if you start an event on there and then join it to this group it will keep track of your own efforts and still show towards the larger project.  We can help out with organising, advertising and advice.

Let me know if you want any help.