Fungus Candida the reason for my Parkinsonism and probably many others with parkinson

By years of struggle to treat my symptoms of mental illness "parkinsonism" I used cannabis to treat my problems until i discovered an type of cannabis that was so fresh and probably had anti-fungus properties. That I really stopped up using cannabis cause the symptoms of being normal was even greater than using cannabis. Then after just few weeks the symptoms came back after drinking contaminated water, from and spring that was not in use for month, symptoms came back quick, it was like taking drugs. Then I had to smoke again to find the same strain of cannabis. After treatment I got back to symptoms after weeks, just by eating untreated pork meat. Then i haven't found fresh cannabis anymore with same properties.

So I started looking around for bacteria and even paracites which might have been occupying my body, but with no hope and no treatment on many of them. I looked today at pictures on internet on mouth fungus. So I found the main cause to my problems, so next week I will probably start with treatment to Candida.

I was looking at this forum today and found some interesting information about people using candida anti fungus medicines and have nearly got better feelings and even so good balance that it was the same condition one girl on this forum told about how her man got back to normality.

So if you have parkinson or parkinsonism check your mouth in the mirror! And check the pictures of candida infection in mouth searching candida mouth fungus on google or use the link down here.

Mostly 70% of worlds population has candida infection and most normal condition is wheat addiction and sugar addiction. Also unable to lose weight. As I lost 20 kilo in just one week without Candida in my mouth.

Check symptoms related with candida and you would be surprised, many of the symptoms people with parkinson might also have, but there are some parksinon diseases that are not related to candida, but I suppose that many people might have parkinsonism by candida and this might be the main cause to it.

My parkinsonism symptoms:

Uncontrolled tongue movement, Uncontrolled movement in leg. Memory problems. Tripping from side to side. Bad balance. Erectyle Disfunction, I once had half meter penis, now it's tiny and don't work even using Erectyle Disfunction medicine don't work. Singing problems, and loss of lyrics while singing, and don't remember and whole lyric. No reflexes. Candida releated symptoms are much sleepyness and also with parkinson. And concentration is nearly impossible sometimes. After sleeping long night I get worser, so I try not to sleep for to long.

Link to pictures of Candida: