Funny feet

HI all i was wondering if any body could give me some advice problem (the only why i can discribe it )is funny feet ,ITS as if the all the nerve endings in my feet come to life it drives me mad ive trid wraping them in cold towels everything nothing works but because of this problem my sleep has been greatly affected ive spoken to the nuros and all theyve said its a sympthon of the pd any advice would help thank you

Hi jd.

What you describe is quite common, and drives you mad.

I've been prescribed Gabapentin for this, 3 times a day (8am, 4pm, midnight). It doesn't make the condition go away completely, but it does make it much more bearable.

Hi jd
There is a CD available for Parkinson's it's called Relaxation by David Uri.I use this technique when I have restless legs,and most times,the feeling just drifts away
I hope this will help you .I think it's available from Amazon


thank you big r roz that info will be a gresat help:smile::smile: