Further complications again

Unfortunately i have been bad again, just had a short spell in hospital, collapsed due to extreme low BP. Was assessed on the neuro ward and the consultants have confirmed that the Parkinson's has progressed and following the tests they have confirmed Parkinson's Plus, stating it is Multiple System Astraphy also known as MSA - P. I have also supranuclear impairment gaze palsy, basically a symptom of MSA that affects the eyes. Outlook is very bleak but that's life!!

Not sure when I will stop getting further symptoms coz i am sick and tired that most days there seems to be something, it would be nice to have a 'good day' for once. My employment is ending i feel rotten, sometimes i wish it would just get to the final stages. I have a great family around me but as you will appreciate it gets rather stressful to see people close get upset. It seems like all my posts are negative and i apologise because i know people out there are suffering in some way, but at the moment i have very little to say that's positive, so please if you read this i hope i haven't upset or annoyed anyone, if so sorry. i feel better writing on here letting it out as it gives my wife some rest bite from my moans and groans.

The whole PD issue is mind blowing there are so many different symptoms and complications and i now realise how little the professionals actually know about it. It must be frustrating for the experts and thank god we have them.

Best wishes to every one xx

Hi Russ
Sorry to read of your troubles. They always that it is darkest before the dawn. I do so hope that your problems will ease off. Always remember that there are a lot of friends on the forum who will always be ready to comfort and support where they can. Keep your pecker up matey
Best wishes


I admire your courage in posting honestly on here. Hope you have some better days soon
best wishes Mosie

Hi Russ,

So sorry to hear of your diagnoses, life certainly is so unfair. I think you are very brave and you must know that we are all here for you no matter when so let off steam anytime you like if it helps you, that is all that matters.
Please do go out and enjoy whatever days you have that are good ones for you and your family. my thoughts are with you all
best wishes

I think Vivian's advice says it all. The only thing I can add is my sincere admiration at your fortitude and honesty, and send my sympathy.

Hi, Russ
Hope today is a better day for you.
All the best.

Cowboy101 here,
Hello russ, if you want to have an occassional rant and rave on this forum, I`m sure no one will mind, if it helps you feel better do it whenever you wish!I know I`d be ranting and raving enough, and, so far, your rants and raves have been fairly mild so please have as many more as you feel you need! We`re all on your side here. I`m sure that many of us have felt as down in the dumps as we could have lots of times. When my Wife was recently diagnosed with Parkinson`s I was trying to Give Up Smoking on the same week!
We Really Wish You and Your Wife all the very Best of Everything, Cowboy101 and Wife.