I find myself gagging a lot specially when I need to blow my nose
Is this a symptom of PD? Does anyone else have this problem?

Hi Andy

Your gagging particularly when you blow your nose, sounds very frustrating.

I get gagging - a sort of coughing and choking, mine usually happens when I have been eating or drinking a bit carelessly. I think this might be to do with with food or drink going down the wrong way. Leaning forward as I drink seemed to help (to close entrance to the windpipe).

This started recently, a couple of years after my Parkinson’s was diagnosed. I know swallowing can be a Parkinson’s problem. At the same time I know both my parents, neither of who had Parkinson’s, did have difficulty swallowing their medication as they got older which i think is pretty common. But it may be very different to your experience. Are you on Parkinson’s medication yet?

Best wishes,

Yes I’m on Madopar but the gagging started long before I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s
Sometimes I start for no apparent reason???

I suppose it could be to do with Parkinson’s as people often have symptoms years before diagnosis and apparently often over half of the relevant brain cells in the substatia nigra have died before diagnosis.

Have you mentioned the gagging to a Parkinson’s nurse or …?

Ive had this, nuero said he did not think it was parkinson’s related, had some tests, and camara down throat, they found some, bacteria, and i was given meds, which seemed to work, but it still happens, i think it is pd related, but not very common