Gallbladder and Parkinsons

Hi there,
I was wondering if anyone else has had their gallbladder out while suffering with Parkinsons. My wife whos had Parkinsons for 20 years has just come out of hospital after 9 days with an infected gallbladder and has been told it needs to be removed but they’re worried if she would cope with being knocked out and then the actual operation.

So any advice would be most helpful.

Hi @Bez,

We certainly do have forum members who have gone through this exact experience. Hopefully they will be along shortly to share their insights with you.

You can always reach out to one of our advisers on 0808 800 0303 with any questions or concerns you may have about this. I know, it’s not quite the same as first hand experience, but they are quite knowledgeable in these matters and are there to support you.

Best wishes,
Forum Moderation Team