Gambling with the cure

At ladbrooks you can get 2000-1 if you name a day for parkinsons to be cured . I put
1000 pounds on october 6th (at about 11.30) frankle runs that day also so i
put a pound on him as an accuminater . So on 5th october i get the all important call

from head office .the cure is on for tommorow rubbish . Ok thankyou (insider knowledge) anyway that is a lot of money to win , i keep my side of the bargain so half goes to head office as agreed .this was a very strange dream from last nightagreed .this was s very strange dream i had asy night .
have a good time spending your winnings tonight.
Let me reassure you rubbish, your dream last night had nothing to do with Impulsive or Compulsive gambling. What you experienced was no more than a serious attack of pathological wishful thinking!

The symptoms of Pathological wishful thinking (PWT) are in the main harmless. However severe bouts of uncontrolled PWT, can lead to a feeling of disappointment as you emerge from the PWT. It could be you are showing the first signs of PWT? Believing a bookie would really offer odds as short as 2000-1, on finding a cure for parkinsons within the next month? You could get similar odds on me being this years winner of the X Factor? I cant sing a single note, not even when drunk in a Karaoke bar! However given the choice between backing a cure for PD by 6th October and me winning this years X Factor?

Trust me stick your thousand quid on me being crowned 2012 winner of the X Factor thus becoming the latest TV wannabe celeb to become Simon Cowell's best friend.

Anyway must dash, I'm of to a session with my singing coach...!!!

I think you are being very harsh, Blue-eyes, on Rubbish and yourself.
With lots of practice I feel you will do very well on the X factor.
I personally am entering Miss World this year.
I am 67, 5 foot tall and 2 stones overwight but otherwise quite lovely!
Will you both be betting on me??It will be money well spent.
Hi goldengirl

Sounds like you could be the red hot favourite to win that prodigious crown.

I would gladly back you with a tenner to win, if i could afford it! However i lost all my money after depositing everything i had into the International Bank of Cabergoline. I was told (by my trusted "adviser") the Bank of Cabergoline was a safe bet and i would receive positive returns. But alas the Bank of Cabergoline lost all my money, via its high risk casino style investment banking policies. Now while I'm left broke and without much hope for the future, the good old Bank of Cabergoline has closed up shop on its casino style banking. Instead re-emerging in a completely different and growing market? Cabergoline has moved its entire product range into the Sex industry? Now Cabergoline is being hailed as the new "ecstasy brand" available on-line for anyone wishing to join in a sexual revolution of free love, flower power and of course lots of sex sex sex and (pop another pill) more sex...!!

Every week that passes and despite trying to move on, something happens to remind me of the past and all the damage done by cabergoline. Last week was yet another one of those reminders. When for the second time in 3 years i ended up in hospital following a fall. On both occasions i spent 3 nightmare days and nights on a NHS ward suffering not from pain caused by my injury, but from the constant battles to get my PD medication from NHS staff who either didn't care or were completely unaware of what "get it on time" meant to someone with PD. For them it might as well of been called "somewhere in time". During the same period i was in hospital last week, my cousin was having treatment following an accident at the private Cromwell road hospital in London, courtesy of her company private medical insurance.

I remember those days when i could rely on private health care either via my employer or being able to afford it myself. Now i dread my next unplanned hospital visit and a continuation of the constant battle to educate NHS ward staff about parkinsons and our medications.

Maybe the manufacturers of cabergoline would either pay for NHS staff to be trained or give me the funds, so i can afford private health cover? Who am i kidding, they are far too busy selling "cabergoline" as the new wonder sex drug!

Hi Bluey,

I have been banging the drum about meds on time for the last 25 years and told N/O that the literature they sent out seems to only get as far as the management office as most nurses don't seem to have heard of it in our experience, now am doing the same at the nursing home where my husband is,it needs all you younger one to keep on and kick up a fuss or give talks to student nurses and doctors where ever you can as I am getting passed it. I enjoyed all posts though it brightens up the day.
best wishes
Hi !
Do you think its the cost that stops the NHS giving PD drugs on time ? Last week at the GPs I couldn't help noticing that 100 Madopar cost about £7 ( 7p each) whilst Mirapexin was £226 for 30 slow release tables (£7.50 each)

A bit of a no brainer if you want to save some money

HI, I have been to see my Parkinsons Advisiory nurse today. I have been having a problem with anxiety. At the moment I take Madapor, which I must add, I am happy with. My PAN wants me to try MIRAPEXIN. But I have been told it can causer the taker to develop an extreme urge to gamble, and/or, an extreme urge to watch porn on television ,or other means.

I can assure everyone that I am neither a gambler, and I do not have any wish to watch porn on TV, or anywhere else for that matter.
Can anyone who reads this post please tell me if they have been affected in any way by taking this drug. I don't understand, why, if this drug is known to cause such side effects, why is it produced, and why do people take it? Or, does it not affect everyone in this way ?
Hi Blue Angel,
The answer is Yes.It is a very long and complicated story.Not yet finished.
Mirapexin,that is
Hi Blue Angel,

I have no personal experience but if your Parkinsons Nurse has suggested this without giving you the warning that appproximatley 1:5 suffer compulsive behaviours associated with the dopamine agonist class of drugs then I would proceed with caution especially if you live alone and no one will notice any changes in behaviour. As you will no doubt know people react differently to the same PD drugs. The benefit I have had from Sinemet far outweighs any fears of diskinesia later on. For others, younger than me, this is a major consideration. There is a lot on this forum about dopamine agonists including mirapixen. No doubt, others will be giving you the benefit of their personal experience, positive and negative.
After everything that's ever been written, said, shouted, whispered, read, pleaded, begged, gagged, explained, empathized, sympathized, chastised, spewed and puked about DA's, you'd think the message what have gotten through by now, wouldn't ya?

What the hell, go for it!

Try it and see! :bulb:
Maybe a bit of reverse psychology will work! :bulb:
Hi Everyone, Just wanted to say Thank you for your advice,