My heart goes  out to all of you who have a Parkinson sufferer in the family who has gambling problems. We went through the same thing. My wife  had Parkinson's for 25 years  and she became a serious gambler. 

I started to  write  about this  in 2011 soon  after she died. But then I realised that  simply getting the facts down wasn't enough. So I  widened the focus, changed to fiction - and surprised myself with the results. It is not the normal sort of memoir  at all!

Against my better judgement  I have to admit that it was an adventure - if something of a roller coaster. But I hope by picking out the positives I can help soften the downsides.

But if I can make the point  that  a diagnosis of Parkinson's is not the end of the  world?  It is the start of a new life. The old rule book is torn up. You have to begin again. 

If anybody wants to  talk  to me about the gambling side, then I would be  very happy to  reply.


Counterpart by Rorie Smith. Available via Amazon as kindle or paperback. Also  from Tan Tan Books.

£1  goes to ParkinsonUK for every copy sold.




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