since being prescribed a dopomine agonist ive found it hard to stop gambling.

ive always liked a flutter but recently its got worse. Not financially a problem as I gamble with small stakes but they add up and im not kidding myself...and i can see that it could  get to be a problem

My specialist warned me that rophinerole can cause compulsive issues and told me horror stories of people losing everything

ive told my parkinsons nurse and am switching to Ldopa (Sinemet)

Has anyone else had these issues and been able to nip it in the bud so to speak, before it becomes a problem?



Oh Jack,I am so glad to hear that you have recognised the problem before it destroyed your family's life.

You will be helped to withdraw from the DA slowly and build up the Sinemet.

I won't lie and say it's easy but it will lead you to a safe place where your mobility will be as good.

The psychological problems may follow and there is help for that too.

Be strong and thank God you found the way out.




Just been reading some other people's plights on the forum

if that doesn't give me the will to Stop nothing will..


Hello Jack

The good thing is that you have recognised there is a problem and seeking the help you need

I do not have any experience  of dopamine agonists my neurologist offered me the choice a DA or Levodopa i chose Levodopa

I wish you well Jack you will find plenty of support on the forum

When I was diagnosed at age 68, two years ago, my Neuro put me on Sinemet straight away. After about a year I asked him, in passing, if there would be any benefit in changing, wholly or partly, to a DA to ward off the dreaded dyskinesias. He became quite agitated, and said that DAs were known to be damaging and dangerous and, in his opinion, Neuros should not be allowed to prescribe them. The strength of his reaction surprised me, particularly in view of his seniority and many years of experience. Needless to say I accepted his advice, now take 5 25/100 Half Sinemet CRs per day - and I'll worry about the dyskinesias when they occur.

When i was given the choice a DA or Levodopa i asked my neurologist about dyskenesias and he said that they were not has bad as years ago the drugs have come a long way and if and when dyskenesias caused a problem then he said there was the option of DBS  , i currentley take 125mg Madopar 5 times a day at 3 hourly intervals  my neurologist did say he did not want to up the Madopar dose any further and if i start the have wearing off then he will add a dopamine agonist to my Madopar , i am very reluctant to add a DA  because of the possibility of impulsive behaviour  i will avoid this for as long as i can .


There isn't much to add to the advice already given except to say that I'm another example of someone who managed to step back from DAs before any lasting damage was done. My first awareness of DA issues came from this forum. Even then I didn't realise the extent of my hypersexuality until, with Neuro support, I reduced and then stopped the DA. Two years on my physical symptoms are well controlled by Sinemet and I feel like I have control of my life again. In some ways I think my current situation is like being a recovering alcoholic. The temptation isn't gone but it is controllable.

I'd advise anyone who thinks they may have an impulse control problem to speak to their neuro or nurse urgently. 



Hi Jack,

          I was diagnosed in Nov 09.I was prescribed Azilect(rasagiline) and Pramipexole(mirapexin),a Dopamine Agonist.The Pramipexole increased steadily until i was at the maximum recommended dose.I was on this for over 3 years,before coming off.I suppose i am still in denial about my behaviour whilst on the DA's.I think the problem with me was.The new lease of life and renewed interest in everything was the ideal remedy for the depression i didn't admit i had.In fact,the Neuro wanted to put me on Anti-depressants on diagnosis and i refused.

          As well as refusing the anti-depressants when first seeing the Neuro,i was also non committal in certain areas when evaluating what drug i would benefit the most being on.In other words,i said i only gambled now and again,when in fact it was on a daily basis for over 25 years.I was an e-bay addict,had countless obsessive interests and a very high sex drive.I also could drink a lot(alcohol)and quite often.So i was basically probably the wrong candidate from the start.

           The trouble is,i was only 45 on diagnosis and the Neuro explained to me that if possible,Levadopa based treatment was preferably delayed because of other side effects which can be a bigger nuisance than pd itself.So i quite naturally gravitated towards the Neuros DA suggestion and kept my mouth shut.

             As time went on and the dosage increased my sleep pattern totally flipped,in fact i hardly slept,apart from nodding off at the wrong times,for instance,doing 100 mph in the fast lane with my family in the car.I suppose i wouldn't be told,was invincible.I was only working part time.So spent most of my days gambling and most of my nights and evenings on the computer where i discovered a whole network of people going through and on similar.

              I thought i wasn't doing harm,consenting adults and all that.But i suppose i was Two different people at times,the stable Husband,Father,Grandad even.Then this other person who had fun,took massive risks,just diden't care.I always said to myself that as long as i drew a boundary line that should not be crossed.Then everything would be fine.I was a staunch pro DA's advocate.Having many a discussion(okay,sometimes argument)on the benefits of DA's and condemning the what i called"hate campaign"against them.The problem was the boundary became completely obscure at times.People tried to help me,but i thought they were just trying to spoil my fun.The depression i was still masking,came creeping in causing me to hit out at those trying to help me,plus turned inward on myself.

               Some mornings,i found myself drinking from the night before.I'd take valium,pain killers,anything mixed with my meds and drink.I could not sleep,i must have lost a stone in weight,and i wasn't even overweight.I would not remember posting stuff,i had lots of sexual chat and more on line.Nothing had boudaries any more.I was self harming and my poetry which turned more and more bizaar was full of self harm,self hate and upsetting for many people to read.My family became increasingly concerned and my Wife finally left me because my on line acquaintences,amount of time gambling and everything else that comes along with somebody hooked on drugs.I also didn't realise that i was sufferring from borderline personality disorder,had been all my life.So traits in my behaviour i already had became exaggerated,yet i just didn't see it.So it has taken some time for me to actual admit that the DA's actually had more of a detrimental effect on me than good.

                 The withdrawals i had coming off were crazy.The sweats,especially at night.I thought i was going to die.On evaluating the whole DA experience now.I would say that things were fine up to a point.However,once that point was reached,things i thought i had control of slipped out of control.It is hard for me to be totally negative about DA's,because they did delay the Sinemet for a few years.Plus i was fortunate,i held on to my marriage(just),had minimal financial setback and subsequent events then set me on the road to therapy(still undergoing)for things i should have been facing years ago.However,there are people who are still paying the financial and personal price out there.Something i thought could never affect me,which did,but would have been a lot worse if i hadn't visited here and another site and finally admitted my problems and state of mind.

                  I have tried not to go into too much detail,but is hard not to

                                 Take care


Dearest Titan

It is so good to hear from you and to know that you have overcome the compulsions caused by the DAs.

You have spelt out so clearly the way in which the drugs affected your mind and behaviour and the difficulties in admitting to yourself the damage being done.

I am so pleased your marriage survived and that you are getting the help you need.

I wish you so much good luck!