Could this also stop PD progression ? It works at least partially anti-inflammatory. I wonder whether this was at least tested in PD rodents ?

So there are indiciations that it could be helpful for PD too.
interesting. but would depend on an artificial ivig being produced
as it is made from real blood and would, at current prices, cost at least usd75000 per person per year. as the source of real human blood is limited the price could skyrocket to the possibly terminal effect on poor people with auto immune diseases.
there is also the chance of contracting very nasty diseases through blood products.
In a follow up paper, gammagard was found to have very little effect on alpha sync accumulation in cell cultures but had some minor neuroprotection effect:
Bartobob, I think you misinterpreted the study results. It says it doesn't prevent alpha-synuclein aggregation. But it reduces the neurotoxicity of alpha-synuclein via a different route. This doesn't mean it has a "minor" neuroprotective effect.

"Ultimately, it’s more likely to mitigate the toxicity of the amyloid plaque that’s a hallmark of the disease, rather than squelch it, Relkin said."
MisterX.........maybe I interpreted "Gammagard partially protected SK-N-BE(2)M17 human neuroblastoma cells " in a glass half empty manner......The full paper isn't available as usual.....even though my tax dollars probably paid for it.....
Bartobob, no problem. These things aren't easy to understand anyway. You can't imagine the times I gave up on reading a research paper because it was too difficult. Anyway, I am glad I found about this. This gives hope. Unfortunately, this seems to be very expensive.