Gardening Q & A

Hi Ezinda. I enjoyed the Q & A on gardening and wondered if you could do it again later. I asked my husband if he had any questions and he said that until conditions in the garden and the weather improves he couldn't really think. I am sure there are things that will need advice on. flo
Thanks for the feedback, flo. Our partnership with the National Gardens Scheme will be ongoing for a while so we will seriously consider you suggestion of doing it again.

I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it. I did as well :-)

When did this happen.

I've got a question.

I'm looking to grow vegetable and give some to my religious friends (only kidding, I don't have any friends, in fact I'm making the whole thing up, this is more a hypothetical in case I make new friends who would want to consume my non existant vegetables that I won't grow).

Q. How do I know if any of the horse muck I lay down doesn't contain pig muck or nuts (as I may acquire a friend with a nut allergy)?
Most people don't bother about their friends in the vegetable kingdom.