Gardening shears / law mower



I'm kind of  lucky in that I've had only very mild tremor since being diagnosed around Easter time.

However, I've had one experience last week that after cutting the lawn  with an electric lawn mower and using garden shears, my tremor went into a bit of overdrive in the evening and holding a glass to my mouth was difficult and scary.

Next day, back to normal  and ok since.

I'm wondering if there is a connection to power tools / vibration / tremor .  Anyone else found this?


(ironic as gardening is suggested as a relaxing thereapy)



Think you may of over done it


The interesting thing about PD is that nobody can give you a definitive answer.  It seems unlikely that power tools had the effect you are describing but anything is possible. Your diagnosis was not long ago so you are probably in the honeymoon stage of the "disease" where symptoms come and go and nobody can predict how long any relief will last and/or what caused that relief.  Does it really matter?  Regardless of the cause, rejoice in your symptomless period.  It won't last forever.  Keep on gardening.  Might not help but can't hurt.  Any form of exercise should have a beneficial effect on the rapidity of PD's advancement.

Best wishes for a lengthy period free from PD but when it returns, and it will, and you think you might be at the end of your rope, just tie a knot in it and hang in there.