Unfortunately PD affects my digestion I am being prescribed antacid but not effective, not kidding folks could generate power with it:flushed: OK for me no sense of smell:grin: but anyone else have this or have any answers?? Thanks.
Hi. Is it PD or the meds that's causing the problem? I recently started on Azilect (Rasageline) and have been sounding off like a whoopee cushion. I think a high fibre diet with plenty of fresh vegetables helps and cut down on the meat. I suppose you could try charcoal biscuits too.
Hi Christo I think its the PD I take slow release Ropinorol, Diet reasonable we eat little red meats, mainly white/fish and vegetarian maybe I'll give the charcoal biscuits, tho they don't sound appetising :laughing:
I am on slow release repinerole and having problems with heartburn.
Lifestyle and diet good. Antacids work sometimes.
Hi Mandybike glad to know I am not the only bubbling cauldron:laughing: also saw your post on my intro I work close to the border Dudley way is that far from your event?:question:
My husband has been taking Sinemet for 5 years and for the last twelve a Rotigotine Patch . He did struggle with constipation but only the last month that he has been troubled with wind.

This site is great you sit in the chair puzzling over all the different symptons , then you come on here and find that you are not on your own and often the answer .