Gay Parkies

I was diagnosed in 2010. My partner and I are gay men in our 50s. We Have a great, local, early-onset support group but do not know any gay pd folk. Are there any gay couples who would like to say hello to in Somerset..... or anywhere? :neutral_face:

We are very keen to make the most of life and swap ideas with other couples. We enjoy eating out, swimming, cinema, collecting, countryside, shopping, Cornwall ,conversation and reading. My symptoms are manageable and the meds help a lot.

It would be good to meet one day but in the meantime laptop chat would be good..:grin:.

If you can't find anyone Ian plenty hetro's on here to chat with.

Here's hoping you aren't the only gay on the forum!

Hello Ian

What a splendid outlook you have, your attitude to life and obvious strong personality will stand you in good stead in the war with PD, wellcome to our forum, and keep in touch its good to talk you know.

                     Kindest Regards      Fedexlike