GDNF - Bristol

Is anyone part of the GDNF Trial??  I have an initial assessment this week and would really appreciate the opportunity to speak to anyone who has any experience of the trial at all.

Thanks for any advice!


Hi OxfordGills

Thanks for your post, it’s great to hear that you are considering taking part in our GDNF trial.

If you haven’t already seen them you might be interested to watch the videos available on our website here –

Both videos have lots of information about the trial but the second also includes an interview with one of the GDNF participants, Tom Phipps who shares his experience of the trial.

Best wishes


The Research team

Hi I'm in the trial and am happy to share my experiences provided this does not affect the trial. We all know how we like to compare and that can lead us to thinking we are experiencing the same things as others when it may not be the case. The trial team need to be informed of our feedback so they can ensure as much info can be passed on to keep us informed without compromising the findings. I found this article a very useful history of GDNF for pwp and it for me sums up why there's promise in the future of GDNF right now, not just years away. The trial in Bristol should help find some answers. Here's the article I look forward to being able to contribute to what info the Trial team can provide.