Gdnf trial

Does anyone know if they still want people for GDNF trial, and if so how do I appy?

Hi Pdiddy,

The clinical trial of GDNF has been completed. You can find out more about it here: If you're interested in other research there's some general information about taking part at:

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I am very sceptical about these trials with neurotrophic factors. I read years ago that they don't work because the clumped alpha-synuclein interfere in the regeneration process of neurons. I have the same scepticism when it comes to beta amyloid removal being the cure for Alzheimer. I have read decades of research proving that beta amyloid removal is not the way to go but for some weird reason the scientific community keeps focusing on beta amyloid removal. In the meanwhile, tau removal seems to look more promising but it almost doesn't get any attention.

Hi all, have the results of the Bristol GDNF trial been announced yet? There were mutterings about a TV documentary as well but it seems to have gone all quiet.



Without addressing neurones’ oxidative stress,aged and leaky mitochondria, calcium overload, and the contribution aggregated synuclein makes to all those, and inflammation, the expectation that a growth factor will improve neuronal function seems to me to be on a hiding to nothing.