General anasthetic

I am due a procedure in the near future that requires a general anathestic but I have heard this may affect my Parkinsons?

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Hi and welcome to the forum, @middy52. This is a warm and friendly place to visit and our members will be here to say hello soon, I’m sure. Some of them will have had surgery so may have experiences to share.

The most important thing is to make sure the healthcare team know about your condition and everything you experience, it will all be important for them to know so they can take it into consideration.

I’d encourage you to read this page: Going into hospital for surgery | Parkinson's UK. It will cover most of your questions. If you still have concerns, our helpline team will be very happy to advise you and give you some support for your surgery. You can reach them on 0808 800 0303.

Please come back to let us know how it all goes. Best of luck!

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Hello middy52 … I was only diagnosed with Parkinsons in June 2023, but I clearly have had it for more than a few years. I had minor knee surgery under general anaesthetic during this period & it did me no harm.

When you go into hospital you will see the anaesthetist & you should tell him / her that you have Parkinson’s.

I think I also filled out a pre-op form saying what medication I took & what health issues I had.

Don’t worry.

Best of luck.

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You usually carry on with Parkinsons meds so long as you tell the anaesthetist. Might be helpful to write your dose on both wrists in biro eg Madopar 5 times a day. Leave nothing to chance. With anaesthetic there is a risk that memory and dementia problems will increase for some days after your op. ( if you’re really unlucky deterioration could be permanent.l