General Questions About PD


Although I don't have Pd I am very interested in the condition especially as my grandfather on my mothers side had this. About tremors! I want to know if they are specific to a certain area - for instance if someone has a tremor in their left hand is that the only tremor they will have, could they also have tremors else where, as well? the other question I have is this - would genetic testing be of any significance to determine if your are likely to get PD.

I appreciate all your advice.

Hi, marshmallowtea --

I am quite ignorant about genetic testing and the inherited forms of pd, so I shall not comment on that question. Probably someone else in the forum could enlighten us both and will.

But as to the questions about tremors, I can give you a little information. When pd strikes, it usually affects one side of the body. It is common then (but does not happen in every case) for the hand on that side of the body to show the first tremors. Being cold or nervous increases the tremor. And tremors definitely appear in other parts of the body, such as the chin, the whole head, legs, and more. Pd has strange effects besides tremors throughout the body. In my case, for example, one of my early symptoms was gastroparesis. I only know in retrospect that it was pd affecting my stomach.

I hope that is of some help.
Thank you for replying, very interesting, would you also say that tremor in PD almost always without a doubt, starts in the hand and not the foot for instance ?

Lets hope someone can enlighten us on the genetic side of things.

That's where husbandry rat noticed it
My tremor started in my right leg but now it is my right arm that is most affected. Tremor usually gets worse with stress or anxiety. People generally associate PD with tremor because it is usually the most visible symptom but it is by no means the only one.
Thank you for taking an interest. If only more people would.
Hi Marshmallowtea
I am fairly new here having only been diagnosed a month agao. with regard to the tremor question, in my case it was a 'resting tremor' in my left hand that I noticed first. Nobody else has noticed it as it's very discrete at this stage but my left arm is now slightly weaker than my right side. I also agree that stress increases the tremor.

Tony (in Cornwall)
Thanks for replies, can I ask another question ? how soon would anyone start getting symtoms on the opposite side ?
Yes indeed stress increases the tremor (right side hand in my case, mainly, but sometimes also leg and foot). But what riles me is that previously-unstressful situations now make me stressed . . . so that makes me shake . . . so that makes me stressed. I won’t say I was a captain of industry, but I used to be able to deliver a speech or chair a platform without worry. Now, well I don’t know whether I’ll be OK or not (which in itself makes me stressed which makes, well you get the picture).
my neuro said my left side tremor wd go to the other side in 18 months. 6 years later i am still 'unilateral'